Beauty Villa Vergara is the SoHo House for Beauty

Beauty Villa Vergara is a spa you need to see-and experience-to believe. It’s so much more than just a day spa, it’s a life spa. A private, beautiful oasis nestled in the middle of Los Angeles, Beauty Villa Vergara is your beauty home away from home, where you can get all your cosmetic procedures done-botox, fillers, facials, lasers, your hair colored, cut and styled, your nails done, a massage and chiropractic appointment all at once. Created by Dr. Mariana Vergara, Beauty Villa Vergara is the ultimate luxurious destination, and it’s right in your backyard. A favorite of Eva Mendes and Miranda Kerr, once you go to Beauty Villa Vergara, no spa, facialist, masseuse, chiropractic, hair salon and nail salon will ever feel the same. Whether you want to soak up some sun by the pool in between appointments, or relax in your private room, Beauty Villa Vergara has everything you need and more.

The difference with Beauty Villa Vergara is that Dr. Vergara doesn’t just assess your skin and offer a treatment, whether she’s meeting you for the first time or the tenth time, each session is meant to understand your lifestyle. What does your nutrition look like, what type of exercise do you do, and much more are the type of concerns and questions Dr. Vergara wants to know, after all it’s all connected, and Dr. Vergara wanted to make sure her treatments can work to the best of their ability, she looks at the whole person, not just their skin.

The LA Fashion Magazine had to learn more about this exclusive, local retreat so we sat down with Dr. Mariana Vergara herself to learn all about beauty, skincare, her exciting treatments and Beauty Villa Vergara. Check it out below!


Dr. Mariana Vergara


LAFM: Mariana, you’ve worked with top celebs like Eva Mendes and Miranda Kerr, and you’ve been practicing your profession for over 15 years. Can you tell us how you first got into skincare?

Dr. Mariana Vergara: I really got interested in skincare from a young age because my older sister suffered from really bad acne as a teenager. Back in Colombia in those days, there was nothing you could do except maybe take an antibiotic to treat it. She had acne on her back and on her face so I started doing facials for her everywhere, and from there really developed a love and a passion for skin and skincare.

Personally, I also suffer from two of the most chronic skin conditions: melasma and rosacea, so for years practicing various treatments on my own skin has really helped me to understand best practices and learn more about skincare in that way.

I started out working with a colleague in Miami for a few years, more on the medical side of skin and skincare, and realized while doing that that my passion was more in treating skin conditions, and understanding how to make the skin glow! For years I’ve tested out treatments on my own skin, researched new and upcoming procedures like stem cell treatments, and really developed an understanding on how to work with my clients to get the best results.

LAFM: Tell us about Beauty Villa Vergara!

Dr. Mariana Vergara: Beauty Villa Vergara was a concept I came up with after working with my clients for many years. When COVID happened, understandably people didn’t want to go to a medical office or jump in an elevator-there’s no ventilation or circulation so I thought, how can I create a concept that has everything beauty related, with privacy so my clients can feel like they’re in their own homes?

I created Beauty Villa Vergara which is a home away from home where you can get everything beauty-related done in one house, with privacy. All of our four rooms have ventilation and are COVID-friendly with open doors and private access so a client can park, go inside the room and limit overall contact with staff in a comfortable, private oasis. I want to be able to give these people the privacy that they cannot find anywhere else. Besides that, I saw that many of my clients have such busy lifestyles, it’s very hard to schedule their monthly appointments-hair, nails, eyebrows, massage, chiropractic, cosmetic treatments and beauty treatments, plus they’re left to drive all over LA. I thought, imagine a place where you can have everything beauty related in one house, in one extended appointment, in one beautiful retreat!

One of the things that inspired me to have all these beauty experts in one place to get the most out of your time here is because when I see a patient for a beauty consultation, I’m looking at the person completely: I’m looking at their hair, their nails, even their eyelashes, I want to know what their skincare routines are, but also what their lifestyle routines are. I ended up telling them beauty and skincare tips for their eyelashes, eyebrows, nails and hair because at the end of the day each is related to one another! How are you going to fix a frown line when the eyebrows are all over the place? Instead of sending my clients somewhere else where I don’t know how the job is going to be done, I wanted to provide the best beauty experts all in one private, comfortable location to ease their day-to-day beauty hassles.

Beauty Villa Vergara

LAFM: After visiting Beauty Villa Vergara for myself and experiencing a treatment in my own private room, it’s hard to enjoy a beauty treatment anywhere else! Speaking of beauty treatments, Beauty Villa Vergara also offers Stem Cell Rejuvenation treatments. Can you tell us about that procedure-how it works and what the effects on your skin you can expect?

Dr. Mariana Vergara: Sure-Stem Cell Therapy Rejuvenation for the skin has been around for a few years now, and in my opinion is the most natural way to receive a rejuvenation. Stem cells can come from bone marrow, the umbilical cord or amniotic fluid, and these cells can regenerate tissues, tendons-the effects are really incredible. If you choose to get stem cells from your own bone marrow, it is a painful, invasive procedure, and the effects can be across the board. The older a patient is, the less stem cells they’ll actually have, and the less effective the stem cells may be, whereas if you get stem cells from the umbilical cord or amniotic fluid, due to the growth factors within the cells, the effects will be much greater.

At Beauty Villa Vergara, we offer stem cell treatments from the amniotic fluid, placenta and umbilical cord donated from stillborn babies from a trusted, reputable lab that’s FDA approved. The stem cells are first checked for infections or diseases and then thoroughly cleaned and stored safely before being sold to us to be used. I started trying it on myself in 2015, and waited a while until I could see the positive effects on my own skin and read all the clinical studies of the benefits of stem cells before providing it for my patients.

At Beauty Villa Vergara, I use it as a liquid facelift, I inject it on the face, neck, elbows, upper knee area-it’s really about whatever the client want to regenerate on the skin, sometimes I also inject it with fillers. It has the ability to regenerate tendons and so much more, imagine what it can do for your appearance of our skin!

As far as aesthetics, I offer a few different stem cell treatments based on the clients’ budget, so depending on the dose I give there’s really no set protocol. If you wanted to get it done every month you could. Some treatments and stem cells I use are more effective for hair and nail growth, others are more effective for the face.


Beauty Villa Vergara is your one-stop-beauty-shop, you’ll come to get pampered and leave feeling completely revitalized! Gone are the days of making your botox and filler appointments, facials, hair highlights, nails treatments, chiropractic and massage, at Beauty Villa Vergara you can get it all in one day, in one private, COVID-friendly location. To book your Beauty Villa Vergara service, check out their website here!

River Callaway

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