Joseph Auren Fashion Week 2022: Future to the Moon

In early October, Joseph Auren launched his spaceship and headed to Los Angeles for Fashion Week 2022, where he debuted his second collection, Future to the Moon. Dark lighting and an atmospheric track set the stage for a show that is sure to take the fashion industry by storm.


The man behind the magic is Joseph Auren, a self-made designer. He was born in Bulgaria but moved to Germany to pursue his passion for fashion. Now, he’s determined to share his otherworldly designs with a worldwide audience, and Future to the Moon is the catalyst to make it happen.

This out-of-this-world collection features modern, androgynous designs, unpredictable silhouettes, and a strong avant-garde charm that lends a unique flair to the wearer. These garments strike the exquisite balance of refined and free-spirited, their clean-cut structures balanced by lighter elements, including asymmetrical zippers and blazers.

The designer is in the details; Joseph Auren leaves his signature touches at every tasteful opportunity: geometric cutouts, optical effects, bondage elements, and more. One glance at his pieces reveals a dark, moody landscape that instantly sets the desired tone. Metallic fabrics and iridescent visuals paint a futuristic image unlike anything else. The result is an ultra-chic style that makes a statement in any setting.

Like all great fashion designers, there’s a science behind the seams. The key to Auren’s genius? Space. Every stitch is intended to reinforce the outer space theme. The grey, shimmering panels reflect the galaxy’s shining stars, while the buckled belts represent the hardware of a spaceship. This concept is impressively consistent, creating a cohesive collection that gives a taste of something entirely new.

Color is also an important part of Auren’s collection. Auren opts for a black-and-white color scheme for a minimalistic appearance that remains timeless despite various modern, distinct touches. Darkness is directly contrasted by lightness, not unlike the stars in pitch-black space, further reinforcing his inspiration.

Not for the faint of heart, Auren’s designs allow wearers to adopt a bold personality that regards fashion as a means for self-expression. Those who wear Auren prepare to launch their style into uncharted territories, where esteem and admiration are promised, ensuring they are the center of everyone’s orbit.

However, appearances aren’t the only mastered element of this collection. Designed and made in Berlin, Auren’s pieces boast superior craftsmanship that puts this collection above others in his league. The unparalleled quality yields an even stronger impact that cannot be easily replicated. Flattering silhouettes and custom-tailored solutions ensure the pieces look exceptional on everybody, regardless of size or gender. This inclusive approach provides every fashion connoisseur an opportunity to experience luxury fashion and rock the future with collection Future to the Moon, proving that, for this fashion designer, space is the limit.


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