“Beauty is overrated, your confidence is within your personality” says influencer Javi Costa Polo

We had the chance to sit down with influencer Javi Costa Polo to talk about his views pertaining to life, health and the differences of living in the United States and in Spain.

Javi Costa Polo was born in Mallorca, Spain and currently lives and works in Madrid. He spent several years in the U.S., first studying and working in Denver and then later, working in Los Angeles. He’s a professional in business and is planning to continue his studies with a focus on fashion. Costa Polo has an enthusiastic and dedicated following on Instagram. On his recently opened YouTube channel he‘s invited followers to have a closer look into his real life and also, to connect and have fun in a more interactive way. It comes as no surprise that he has also worked as a model. This photogenic young man’s Instagram account is full of stunning photos. It’s difficult to tell which ones are from professional photo shoots and which ones are taken by an amateur.

What are some of the differences between living in Spain and the United States?
The Spanish culture just feels like home, probably because it’s the culture I was raised in. I feel like I’ve never been able to connect with other people, the way I connect with Spanish people. We certainly like to go out. We just enjoy each other’s company and spend hours and hours of the day with each other. It doesn’t feel like an arranged event here. In the U.S., hanging out was more of a commitment, more planned because everyone lived further away and you had to drive to meet up with friends. Everything was more serious in that way. While here, we can all be in the same bar in just a few minutes. Life here is easier and more convenient in at least two ways. Firstly, everyone is closer to each other; my friends live within a 10 minute walk. The second is the price of living. In the U.S., when you hang out with your friends you know you’re going to spend at least 20 USD on something. Here in Spain, wine and beer are cheap and you can enjoy yourself without spending that much.

What do you think about the food culture in Spain and in the U.S.?
In the U.S. it can be very greasy and not the best quality of food. But, it also depends on what State or city you live in. In L.A. it’s very fresh and easily the best food I’ve ever had, even better than here in Madrid. There it’s made from very fresh ingredients and there are a lot of pretty unique places where you can find excellent food. You can find anything and everything you need. Here in Madrid, we prefer to cook more ourselves and spend time preparing the meal. Our agriculture is more organic and we consume more natural products.

Do you enjoy cooking?
Yes, I always cook. If it’s a “bad month” I order food maybe a maximum of seven to eight times and in a good month, just like two or three times.

But cooking isn’t a passion of yours?
Not yet. At the present time, when I get home I’m so tired I just make the food and eat it. I don’t have the time to enjoy cooking. Or maybe, I just don’t have the passion yet to enjoy it. I mean, I definitely want to get better. I don’t think I can get worse! [laughs]

How about traveling?
Travelling right now isn’t possible. When I came to Madrid, I definitely wanted to travel all around Europe. Right now, I’m very happy just being situated here and making this house a home. That’s something I needed. For such a long time, I’ve constantly been on the move, moving places every year. It’s very nice to stay still for a bit!

Is decorating your home something you enjoy?
Yes, I love decorating my home. I’m new at it but I just love the feeling when you’ve redecorated an area and then you just sit and simply take it all in. It’s very important to make your house a home. A place you feel comfortable in.

Do you have a certain style when it comes to decorating?
Oh, I don’t really think I have any single one. I really just try to go for the items which speak to me the most. I really like unique, vintage furniture. A home full of IKEA isn’t my thing. It’s pretty but I don’t think it has any character. I love furniture that evokes an emotion in me, pieces which represent my personality.

How do you stay healthy and looking fresh?
I’m a huge fan of skin care products. I’ve actually never told you guys about this, but when I was touring with Queen [he worked with the band during one of their U.S. tours], I had the worst case of acne. You probably can’t even imagine it’s true because I never let anyone see it. I always put on makeup. I want to make a video [to his YouTube channel] because I do want to open up about it and share tips about what I found useful.

I’ve found having good skin is about 80% what you eat. The better quality and the fresher the products are that you eat, the better your skin is going to be. Naturally – the greener, the better. I’m the worst when it comes to eating fruits, so I drink smoothies instead and I am obsessed with them. The other 20% is the skin care products you use. At first, I started using very expensive skincare products which didn’t really give me the results I wanted. So, with time, I learned to use more natural products like natural oil and tea tree bar. Tea tree oil is amazing. Also, you need a good quality product to cleanse your skin. Don’t use products with a lot of chemicals, they’ll burn your skin more than anything else. Right now, I’m starting to get obsessed with Lush. They have very natural spot treatment products which are great. But, I always use my own cleanser and not one of theirs. I actually wash my face three times a day, even though it’s a bit too much. It works for me and since my skin is so greasy, I think it needs it.

Your Instagram feed always looks perfect, even if you have some skin problems.
Yes. I never tried to use facetuning or anything like that, but when I have a pimple, you won’t see me posting a close up. That’s when I use the biggest filter on my story, there are many different tricks. No one is always beautiful. I think after making a video for my YouTube channel about skincare and my experiences, people will be able to connect with me more and I can hopefully inspire other people who are going through the same thing. I just want to share the journey I had, because right now I’m doing much better. I was very thankful my skin got back to normal once I returned to Madrid. My advice to you is, try not to lose your confidence because of skin problems. Just do whatever you can on your own terms to fix it and make peace with the fact, you will have pimples.

Who are your fans?
My following is very diverse. There are people of so many different ages and cultural backgrounds and they’re all amazing. The older fans might show more love but the younger fans are a bit sassier and perhaps funnier. They’re all unique individuals and I have different experiences due to that fact. I have the opportunity to learn different things because of the diversity. If I could’ve chosen my fan base, I’m pretty sure I would’ve chosen the same people who are in it now. I wouldn’t change it for anything. You guys are the best!


Javi Costa Polo on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/javicostapolo/
Javi Costa Polo on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNRlFRKgToKXfCZq3oJklFg

Interview by Leena Kaikkonen
Photo credits: Raúl Rosillo, Stephy Perea and Luis Velasco



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