Are you a SheWarrior? The Badass Women’s Athletic Wear Co. You Need to Know About

What is a SheWarrior? She’s assertive, strategic and an inner fighter, she’s you and she’s me. Introducing the hottest women’s athletic wear that’s literally changing the game for workout-wear, SheWarrior was created by Natlyn Jones, boxing legend Roy Jone Jr.’s lifelong long & wife. SheWarrior combines refreshing style with training-ready wear and is the perfect brand to spoil yourself and your mama with this Mother’s Day! LAFM sat down with founder and visionary Natlyn Jones to hear all about SheWarrior-check it out below!

LAFM: Natlyn, I love SheWarrior! Can you tell us your story, and how you created SheWarrior?!

Natlyn Jones: I’m so excited to hear that you love SheWarrior! Growing up, I had a “nice girl” personality with a “tough girl” mentality. I’ve always known and believed women were just as capable and important as men, even though our society hasn’t-and doesn’t-always reflect that fact. I’ve stepped up to physical and mental challenges to help dispel that myth. As time went on, I invested more of my energy in academics than athletics, but competing and being strong always remained at the core of my heart. As life would have it, I found myself in the world of boxing as a wife, manager, and then promoter. From there, I found on of the most intense workouts I’ve experienced to date in the boxing gym, and I’ve been training there ever since.

Founder of SheWarrior Natlyn Jones

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love of all things fashion, and between working in the fitness world, raising kids, and my personal workouts, I was spending most of my time in athletic wear, and was always on the lookout for gear that was both functional and beautiful – I wanted to show off my personality without sacrificing quality. I like to say SheWarrior was born in the boxing gym, but it’s lived inside of me since I was a young girl, nurtured by women that have inspired and supported me in each chapter of my life. I wanted to create and wear a brand whose name and products embodied that perfect combination of strength and femininity.

LAFM: How does SheWarrior stand out against competitors on the marketplace?

Natyln Jones: Our name immediately resonates who and what we are as a brand. We honor the fighting spirit in everyone, but especially in women. Too many of the major athletic wear brands launch a limited women’s line as a subsidiary to their main collections. At SheWarrior, women are at the core and heart of everything-every thread, every design, every print, every decision. I’m also an athlete and a mom, so I created a brand that I want to wear every day, both in the gym and on the go.

LAFM: Who is the SheWarrior customer, and what type of style does SheWarrior embrace?

Natyln Jones: Simply put, the SheWarrior customer is a woman who believes in all women. The brand is designed to help support the belief in herself, her commitment to empowering the women in her life. She is string and unapologetically herself; a bad-ass and a conqueror that like to look good while challenging herself to be her best self. She wants to wear a brand that embodies the warrior spirit, that lifts women up and supports them being exactly who they are!

Her aesthetic is bold and beautiful, inside and out. She appreciates style, comfort, and the positive impact that supporting and wearing sustainable fashion has on the environment. SheWarrior embraces a style based around form and beauty, while keeping things fun and again-balancing our brand mantra of balancing strength & femininity with functionality.

LAFM: And lastly, what’s next for you and SheWarrior?!

Natyln Jones: We recently launched our Copper Tone Collection-we’re really proud of how that came together, and we’ve also launched a limited edition range of face masks, which is exciting!

For me, I’m currently working on new collections and expanding our online and wholesale presence. Ideally, I’d love to grow our US base over the next couple of years and when we’re ready, launch globally and become a leader of sustainable fitness apparel. We believe in SheWarrior and every woman that it’s essence represents, and we want to help those women feel beautiful, strong and like the fierce warrior that they already are!


When you shop SheWarrior, you can also spark change and save as SheWarrior & Pure Earth have partnered and SheWarrior will be donating 15% of all net proceeds to Pure Earth and receive 15% off your purchases when you shop during 4/21 & 4/22 by using promo code: MOTHEREARTH15.

To shop all the SheWarrior styles, head to the link here, you know you want to!

River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

River Callaway is the Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer for The LA Fashion Magazine covering all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, events, travel and entertainment.

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