Get the Lashes You’ve Always Dreamed of this Christmas With Pre Made Fan Lashes!

Christmas may not be the Christmas season we were hoping for this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look fabulous during the festive season! One of the latest trends we are getting behind is Pre Made Fan Lashes. These are a great new way of getting your lash extensions applied and we’re here to show you exactly why you should give them a go. Whether you are seeing a few close family members, able to go to a small party or just staying at home during the holiday period, there’s one thing we can all agree on and that is looking great makes us feel great. Don’t neglect your beauty regimes this winter, keep yourself looking your best!

What Are Pre Made Fan Lashes?

-A traditional eyelash extension is tiny individual faux lashes that are meticulously glued onto your natural ones, creating and most astonishing results, without looking fake. Pre Made Fans are very similar but work in a slightly different way.

-Instead of individual lashes, small clusters are pre-bonded together and wrapped around your natural lash to achieve that fantastic wide-eyed fan look we all know and love. Not every eyelash artist knows how to use these, so make sure they have undertaken the right kind of eyelash extension course, if they haven’t taken the appropriate lash extension course, you could get some poor results.

Why Should You Choose Pre Made Fan Lashes

-The most beneficial reason for choosing pre made fans over individual lashes is the time they take to apply. In 2020, it’s important to reduce our contact time with anyone outside of our household. 

-While every good beauty salon with a lash extension course certificate will have taken every step possible to ensure the safety of you and their staff, there is always more that can be done to reduce the spread of COVID19.

-As the lashes are clustered, this means there are less to apply to your natural lashes and treatment times can be cut in half! This means you can be in and out of the salon in record time, reduce contact with others and have more time for the more important things-like Christmas shopping! All while getting the same results as traditional eyelash extensions.

-The results you can achieve with Pre Made Fan Lashes are incredible and many argue that if you are looking for that red carpet ready look, nothing compares to Pre Made Fan LashesWhat’s more, if you have a specific look you are wanting to copy or perhaps you have a unique eye shape, your artist will be able to easily adapt the pre made fans and mix them with different styles to give you the look that may have been unachievable with traditional lashes.

Pre Made Fan Myth Busters

-One of the common myths about Pre Made Fans is that they are too heavy and can cause damage, however as the lashes themselves are pre-bonded, they are may feel heavier than individual lash extensions, but if properly applied by a fully trained artist, they do not cause any damage to your natural lash or eyelid and are no heavier than other lash extensions once adhesive has been applied!

-Some may tell you that Pre Made Fan Lashes are too thick. This can be the case if poor quality fans are being used. Don’t be afraid to ask your artist what brand they are using, any good artist should know what brands to avoid to give you the best results.

-Retention can be a problem with Pre Made Fans, but this shouldn’t be the case if all the right steps have been taken. Early dropouts can be for a few reasons, it can be an improper application, not taking care of them adequately and also what adhesive has been used.

Looking After Your Pre Made Fans

-The most important thing to consider when choosing pre made fans is knowing how to take care of them. Without the right knowledge, your gorgeous new lashes could fall out quickly and in a worst-case scenario, you can risk getting infections.

-Don’t get them wet for the first 24 hours, this includes showers, washing your face and even heavy rain, so pack your umbrella!

-After the initial 24 hours, you need to make sure they are washed twice a day, morning and night. Knowing how to properly wash your eyelash extensions will be the difference between a great investment and what feels like wasted cash. Don’t forget to invest in a quality wash for your eyelashes too-this makes a big difference!

Pre Made Fan Lashes are the best in the game, so if you’re looking to try something new, or change up your current lash brand, there’s no reason to not give Pre Made Fan Lashes a go! They look amazing, don’t take long to apply, and are just as safe as your natural lashes! To check out more of their amazing products, you can head to their website:

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