Absolutely Startstuck: Why Lune+Aster’s SuperStar Collection Will Have You Speechless

There are so many makeup companies out there these days it can be hard to determine who to trust. While I’m all for mixing and matching to get the best of different brands-believe me it’s practically my dream in life to test and try beauty products-not all makeup is made the same. Sure, you can grab that amazing bronzer or that perfect voluminous mascara, but sometimes it feels so good to find that amazing makeup company that not only makes you look great, but is made with good-for-you ingredients too!

I’ve talked about the amazing benefits of Lune+Aster before, the makeup company created by Bluemercury founder Marla Beck, but now I’m here to talk about the mind-blowing Lune+Aster SuperStar Collection that launched this September and is being sold exclusively at Bluemercury. Marla Beck and the whole Lune+Aster team worked with beauty experts to design the SuperStar collection to flatter a wide range of skin types and tones. The 3-piece collection (which are sold separately) includes the SuperStar blush, the SuperStar bronzer, and the SuperStar highlighter all for only $34 each!

Beck launched Bluemercury in 1999 as an alternative to your basic beauty counters. Bluemercury offers a committed, educated staff that can help you find the best products for your skin. When Beck created Lune+Aster in 2007, it was another alternative for the modern women: vegan skincare that’s paraben-free, and made with good-for-you ingredients. No animal testing, no sulfates or harsh chemicals that are used to make products shelf-stable, Lune+Aster is the dramatically different makeup experience that you have to try. And those good-for -you ingredients I mentioned earlier? They include Vitamin E, Licorice Extract, and Apple Seed Extract to nourish, even out skin tone, and encourage cell renewal – resulting in beautiful, healthy skin from the inside out! But don’t just take my word for it, try their incredible products out for yourself!  You can trust the bronzer, blush, and highlighter to enhance your complexion and become everyday staple products – the SuperStars of your makeup routine! #LAFMApproved #TriedAndTested

Blush is something everyone needs in their makeup bag, no matter what time of year-and trust me Lune+Aster is the best on the market! Grab the blush that’ll make you blush here!


Most people don’t know how incredible their makeup would look with a touch of highlighter. Highlighters just like the name suggests highlights your cheekbones and gives you a luminous, radiant glow. Don’t delay any longer! Your makeup routine needs this STAT! Grab yours here!


Looking for bronzer that’s universally flattering but also vegan?! (That was a trick question!) Your skin will be thank you once you see the Lune+Aster SuperStar Bronzer difference! Grab yours here!
River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

River Callaway is the Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer for The LA Fashion Magazine covering all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, events, travel and entertainment.

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