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CYAN is the next big thing in skincare, and we’re not just saying that because the founder and creator Ali Grace Marquart is a powerhouse lawyer who started her own law firm at age 28, it’s because we’ve #triedandtested the products and the results are jaw-dropping. If Marquart can start a successful law firm before age 30, I can absolutely trust that whatever beauty products Ali brings to the table will also merit the same level of success. Ali brings dedication, passion, and thorough research into anything she creates, so it’s no wonder CYAN Skincare’s products-the Atlantic Serum and Pacific Moisturizer work day to night, coast to coast.

I tried out the products for 10 days in a row (and counting) without the use of other lotions and serums and have already seen visible results-with a drastic reduction in my skin’s inflammation and redness, giving me that ‘french-girl skin’ (aka the skin where you barely need any makeup and just a bold red lip) I’ve always dreamed of!

Marquart is a powerhouse in the courtroom and CYAN Skincare is a powerhouse for your skin! LAFM sat down with Ali Grace Marquart to learn all about her incredible beauty line and why you’re gonna need it on your skin, ASAP! Check out the exclusive interview below!

LAFM: Ali, we’re so exited to sit down and chat and learn more about CYAN! Can you tell us more about about your products and the foundation for your business, circular skincare?

AGM: Sure thing! One of the challenges in the beauty industry is that there are so many buzzwords, but the lack of regulation leaves a lot of room for interpretation, which I think causes a great deal of confusion for consumers. “Sustainable” is one such word, so we knew when creating CYAN that we needed to go beyond basic sustainability to achieve our goals. Circular skincare, like the circular economy, is much more defined-the aim is to eliminate waste by making sure each element of what we produce is reused or recycled. It’s a closed loop system, as opposed to the traditional linear one of make, use, dispose. We achieve this with our use of sustainably-sourced ingredients, recycled and recyclable materials and a recycling/reuse program where the customers can return the empty packaging to us, receive a discount on their next order, and we sanitize and reuse the bottles we can while properly recycling those we cannot.

LAFM: Amazing! Not only do we all at LAFM love supporting local, but love supporting brands engaging in sustainability-it’s not too common in the beauty industry yet. Next up, can you elaborate on your skincare story and how you got all the way to developing CYAN?

AGM: Yes, when me and my husband moved to California I really made a shift to living more intentionally, which included being very mindful about purchases and practices that aligned with our values. While I had been using clean beauty products-or back in the day when they were referred to as ‘green’ beauty products, I had trouble finding a brand that I felt was really making an effort to ensure that each element of the product was safe and effective. As a working mom of two young kids, I also had trouble finding products that were straightforward and simple-I don’t have time for a 10 step routine, so I set out to create it!

Beyond those formulas, which of course needed to be high performing, I wanted the packaging to be minimal without sacrificing style, and even the shipping processes and materials to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Founder and Creator Ali Grace Marquart

LAFM: Tell us more about CYAN-why does it work, and is it really for everyone with every type of skin?

AGM: I believe we are much more alike than we are different, and there are certain challenges like hydration and inflammation that are pretty universal. The initial idea was to launch just one product, the Pacific Moisturizer, so we developed the formula to be incredibly effective with amazing actives like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and Vitamin C, with concentrations you’d normally only find in serums or other more singularly-focused products. I was working on what was intended to be our next product, the Atlantic Serum, and found that both products complemented each other so beautifully, we decided to release them together.

Our proprietary marine complex is featured in both products and is designed to help reduce inflammation and redness, block pollution and other irritants and soothe the skin by reinforcing its natural barrier. That the products are also safe and effective for everyone contribute to our goal of reducing waste; if you need less products to achieve your skincare goals, and if those products can be shared with friends and family members, we’re consuming less!

LAFM: What is your skincare routine on a daily basis and how has CYAN helped?

AGM: I’m a working mother with two young kids, so I don’t have time for a 10-step routine or to try out tons of new products to find something that actually works. I like products that are multi-functional, straightforward and simple, and that’s how I designed CYAN. I cleanse, apply the Atlantic Serum, and follow it up with the Pacific Moisturizer and that’s it! I use two pumps of the moisturizer during the day and three overnight for a little extra coverage. I’ve always had a hard time keeping my skin hydrated, it felt like I needed to reapply a moisturizer two or three times during the day just to keep it looking fresh, but the combination of the Atlantic Serum and Pacific Moisturizer has truly made a world of difference for me. I stay hydrated all day with just that morning application!

LAFM: Love that, I’ve seen the same amazing results! And lastly, what’s next for you? What can we expect from the CYAN brand?

AGM: We’re building our community and want to be a place where people feel like their voice matters. We have some amazing products in the pipeline, but exactly what we release and when we do so will be guided by the feedback we receive from our customers. Since we’ve chosen to forgo retail at this time, as it makes it more challenging to ensure our circular skincare model remains intact, we’ll be looking for ways to connect with new and existing customers in person at events, pop-up shops and more!

To shop til you drop, and get some incredible results for your skin, check out CYAN’s website, here:

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