The Best Kept Skincare Secret in LA: Pellequr’s Korean Scrub Massage

Pellequr Spa in Beverly Hills is a spa like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Right next to Rodeo Drive, this discreet spa is a favorite of celebs like Hailey Beiber, Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba and Naomi Campbell because it’s practically the SoHo House of Spas: no cell phones (though texting is allowed), private rooms for a one-on-one experience, and literally one of the best scrub massages you’ll ever have, and of course a backdoor exit to escape those pesky paps!

As the Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor at LAFM, once I learned about this under the radar, I had to try it out for myself, though I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did some research, but didn’t want to cloud my judgement or expectations about a Korean scrub massage. If you’ve never had one, the practice goes back centuries and involves being completely naked while a practitioner scrubs you down with hand-loofahs, washes you, scrubs you again, washes you, and finishes off with a relaxing massage.

“The Koreans Culture has always had a major element of health and wellness dating back thousands of years” says Founder and CEO of Pellequr Anna Margaryan. “Korean bathing customs of pre-modern times have been described in many Chinese sources from the Song dynasty so this is nothing new for them…In our culture we are always on the go and don’t put enough emphasis on maintaining a healthy balance so we end up getting burnt out which is obviously not good for anyone.  For thousands of years, Korean body scrubs have provided countless health benefits, from skin rejuvenation and relief, to chronic pain, reduced stress and even weight loss!” 

A Facial Cupping Technique offered at Pellequr

You’re basically getting a full body exfoliation of your skin, and you leave with the freshest, cleanest pores you’ve ever had. The only downside to the experience that’s available at so many places around LA is that they’re practically a public bath house-situation, with you getting scrubbed down head to toe in full view of others, it can be loud and uncomfortable, and very difficult to determine if it’s sanitary. Pellequr has taken this age-old practice and modified it to give you the same exfoliation and glowing skin, but with a private room, CBD infused oils to help relax your skin, and a completely safe and sanitized experience. “At Pellequr, we have considered the ancient practices and modernized the traditions to launch the newest and most luxurious spa experience in the world of health & wellness.”

“After my first born I had postpartum depression and developed inflamed lymph nodes because of it, so my doctor recommended I get a lymphatic massage to treat it. (For some people postpartum depression can affect the lymph nodes and cause lingering skin conditions)” Anna Margaryan tells me. “My friend who had been doing Korean scrub massages for years took me to get one and after researching it I was scared as fuck! It was a room full of 50 or so women, all naked getting furiously scrubbed down. It was very intense to be around and to experience, but the results were instant and undeniable!”

After feeling the intense benefits, but not loving the intense and very public experience, Margaryan went out to create her own Spa that was a major step above what else is offered, and was something her celebrity clients could get on board with. Bringing in the vichy shower therapy technique created in Vichy, France to hydrate and benefit your skin before and after it’s been scrubbed then the process of a lymphatic massage to rejuvenate your lymph nodes, Pellequr has truly created a life-changing experience that’s only 75 minutes.

Founder & CEO Anna Margaryan

“At Pellequr, our mission is simple: to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that will make you feel beautiful inside and out.” In the summer Margaryan suggests getting a scrub done once a month, after each menstrual cycle because we sweat out our hormones during that time and it’s a great time to exfoliate the pores to shed a lot of skin. In the winter she suggests once every 2 weeks for that dry skin to disappear and recharge during the drab season.

Being in the wellness business for the last 15 years helped Margaryan create her custom  spa, but she also thoroughly did her research and used researches to test out practice and create the best experience possible. “I brought in physicians to learn about heat and various techniques for water temperature and to learn more about the incredible effects of CBD and which processes and products worked best to achieve astonishing results.” Margaryan set out to curate a more civilized, private and personal experience that’s also simple, you can choose to have add-ons like facial cupping and whether to have CBD infused lotion applied or not, but that’s it. It’s straightforward and effective, and you can’t get this kind of service anywhere else.

To book your appointment ASAP and get some incredible glowing skin to the envy of all your peers, check out their website, here:


River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

River Callaway is the Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer for The LA Fashion Magazine covering all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, events, travel and entertainment.

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