An Exclusive Interview with Musician Natasha Elise

Soon to be a household name, Singer & Songwriter Natasha Elise is making her own moves as an independent artist in the music industry. At only 18, Natasha Elise has over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify checking in to dance, relate or sing along with her music. Inspired by musicians like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey to Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey, Natasha Elise has been able to create a sound that’s all her own, creating music that matters to people and continues her own transformative journey. She sings about relationships, mourning those who’ve died young, and her interpretation of the world, creating singles that not only inspire others but allow them to connect with an artist that’s completely original. But enough from us, we know you wanna hear from Natasha Elise herself, and you’re in luck, LAFM had a sweet sit-down with this burgeoning artist to get the low-down on the stories behind her lyrics, her journey as an independent artist and of course what’s next for her career! Check out this exclusive interview below!

LAFM: Natasha, at only 18 years old you’re killing it-and really making a name for yourself! Can you tell us what this journey as a musician has been like for you?

Natasha Elise: Thank you so much! Honestly it’s been incredibly humbling and surreal. I have been singing my whole life, and started writing songs two years ago, putting together a number of tracks and having a couple shows, but I have so many more tracks to share! I’m writing all the time, and love having the opportunity to express feelings that are raw and honest and feelings I think so many others can identity with.

LAFM: Unlike other artists, you’re an independent artist, allowing you to be creative in your genre and music, can you tell us about it and why this is so important to you as a musician?

Natasha Elise: I believe that being an independent artist at this stage in my career gives me full control over how I establish myself as a musician and a performer. I have a clear vision of who I am as an artist and and how I will continue to progress in the future. I want to define myself and not be locked into a specific sound, look or character. I grew up listening to many different genres of music and have so many ideas and want to be free to incorporate those different styles into my music. I think it’s crucial to hone your craft as an independent artist in the early stages of one’s career!

LAFM: Amazing Natasha, thanks for the insight! Now, we love what we’re hearing (available on Spotify peeps!) including your singles ‘Space,’ ‘Trippin,’ and ‘Put Me Through Hell.’ Your songs have such emotion in them-can you tell us about the background of some of the lyrics, and what inspires you when creating music?

Natasha Elise: I am so glad you like the music so far! I tend to draw inspiration from from events or emotions I’ve experienced myself, or how I view my surroundings. The emotion you hear is honest-whether it be fear or anxiousness, excitement and anticipation, or pain and heartache. When I write lyrics and melodies, I want the listener to feel what I feel and I want to make a point. I write and sing about the hopeful beginnings of relationships and the painful or needed ends of relationships. I write and sing about the tragic loss of lives suffered by young musicians through drug overdoses and how that makes me and others feel. I write for a reason, and I think that when a singer does that and expresses their own feelings, others can identify with them more. I love bringing people together, connecting through relatable experiences or emotions.

LAFM: For people who want to get into the music industry, especially as a singer/songwriter, can you offer some advice to them as to what some of your challenges and successes have been?

Natasha Elise: If you have a serious passion for singing or songwriting, put your tracks out there! Today, streaming services allow you to reach an audience so express yourself! The struggle can be breaking through the noise and expanding your audience. I’ve learned that these things take time and patience as well as perseverance. I feel incredibly blessed to be where I am right now, and I have a long way to go, but I will always be striving to reach new heights in my career. That is a mindset that is crucial in this industry. Believe in yourself, keep working, and don’t wait around to be discovered!

LAFM: Great thoughts girl! And lastly, what’s next for you and your music?!

Natasha Elise: There are some seriously dope projects coming up! I’m really excited for everyone to hear some new music that I have in the works and an amazing remix collaboration that will be released this winter. There will be some more live performances in the near future as well, so keep an eye on my IG, website, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. for new releases and info!

We know you’re gonna wanna hear Natasha Elise’s sick beats, so we got you covered! Head here to listen to all of her amazing songs! #BossBabe! #LAFMApproved

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