Ametti is the Luxury Bag Company You’ll Need EVERY Piece of!

Ametti is the uber chic, uber exclusive Italian-style luxury leather goods company that has honestly been missing from your life. With a classic look that harkens back the Golden Age of Travel, you’ll be feeling like Ingrid Bergman sporting these incredible designs on your next trip!

LAFM had to learn more about Ametti’s pieces and everything behind the design process and different styles of their products, so we sat down with designers and creators of Ametti, Jessie Minikes and Tessa Horovitz, see the interview below!

LAFM: Jessie & Tessa, Ametti includes a traditional 1950s aesthetic with a modern, fresh spin, can you tell us your story and how you came together to develop Ametti?

Jessie & Tessa: We met 12 years ago and back then we dreamt about one day creating a company together and share our vision. We both experienced a demanding travel industry in our respective careers and came together in hopes of filling a gap!

Women just like ourselves made great strides in the work place however we believe that the travel industry didn’t catch up on offering a true feminine product. As for the 1950’s, it was once the golden age of Travel, people were traveling in style, transportation companies were more of a hospitality  experience, service and interiors were beautiful. It just made sense for us to get inspired by the essence of when travel lifestyle was created.

Ametti was born from the desire to create stylish yet practical products that women can feel their best in. And more, we want Ametti to make waves by impacting the way women travel for business and leisure by providing them with more than just products, but also a community to share their experiences, tips & guides.


LAFM: The ‘Bellini’ Collection is beautiful, versatile and limited to 50 pieces only per product, can you tell us about the design process and inspiration of this collection, and the conscious choice to only make 50 pieces per product?

Jessie & Tessa: For our first collection we wanted to design products which celebrates femininity. Building on our Italian influence, we went to find our inspiration in Venice. Bellini is inspired by the beautiful cocktail created in Harry’s bar and its perfect peachy color. This collection is a limited edition of 50 pieces because we wanted to make this first introduction to Ametti’s world a very exclusive experience. But not only, we are also extremely concerned about sustainability in the fashion industry. By making 50 pieces only and pre-order we can ensure no products is going to waste. In the future we want to continue offering, on the side of our main collection, limited editions, and we are developing a solution so our customer have a more thoughtful and sustainable way of buying our products. But shhhhh…This is still under development!


LAFM: We love that when you enter into the ‘Ametti World’, you’re presented with a beautiful collection to shop, but also Ametti Tales posts with an ‘Ametti Muse,”On the Go’ featuring creatives in the travel industry, and much more. Can you tell us about this, and what you want to continue to explore for ‘Ametti World‘?

Jessie & Tessa: Ametti came from experiencing hands-on business travels and how it impacts your life as a Woman. We used to travel so much for our previous jobs and it was very tough to balance our lives. So, when we created this company, we didn’t want to be just a product company. We also wanted to create an immersive travel experience and create a community of like-minded women who can share, inspire, and learn through our Ametti Tales. By creating an Ametti World in addition to creating beautiful products, we could help women support and motivate each other and mainly travel better!


LAFM: Who is the Ametti customer?

Jessie & Tessa: The Ametti woman is fashion forward and successful, and she’s conscious about how she looks in all aspects of her life including how she dresses when she’s on-the-go. She is an empowered woman who thrives on her femininity and isn’t ashamed to show it!


LAFM: Who’s the type that’s buying the ‘Luce’ bag versus the ‘Leone’ bag for example, as there’s really something for everyone, for every occasion!

Jessie & Tessa: The Luce bag is celebrated as a statement piece, an icon bag. The woman  wearing this bag wants to be prepared for all the events occurring in her day.We tried to design the perfect shape to hold everything a woman needs, day or night. When wearing Luce, you know you are set for your business day but also your evening gatherings, elegant and fashionable at the same time, it’s just not too small nor too big!

On the other hand, the Leone bag was created to have a different purpose-it’s very small but extremely versatile. We worked on a modern spin of the outdated travel bad, which only fits a couple of your travel essentials. It’s perfect for the woman who likes to carry just the minimum and who isn’t shy when it comes to accessorizing her daily looks.

The Leone is meant to be like a ‘missing jewel,’ the same way you would wear a necklace, you could wear the Leone. Style it as a crossbody, belt bag or an evening clutch, and it’s small enough to fit perfectly in your luggage or shopper!

LAFM: And lastly, what are your hopes and aspirations for Ametti, and where do you see the company in the next year?

Jessie & Tessa: We’d love Ametti to grow into a lifestyle travel brand loved by business women across the globe. Beyond our online presence, we’re planning to have some pop-up stores in international airports with a ‘buy Ametti and fly’ concept, which would ship to any of your airport purchases to your destination back home, because who actually has space in their luggage when traveling?

We also see opportunities in expanding our assortment into innovative travel goods that complement our handbags and luggage. Finally, we want to grow our community and be a sounding board for women across the world to share and motivate others with their travels, tips, experiences, and business savvy!

To view more of this iconic and trend-setting collection, you head here, but we’re warning you, you may need to purchase every item available!! #GetShopping #BossBabes #LAFMApproved


River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

River Callaway is the Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer for The LA Fashion Magazine covering all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, events, travel and entertainment.

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