Ergon Mykonos is the Greek History-Infused Clothing Brand You Never Knew You Needed


Ergon Mykonos is the high-end, custom-looking brand with pieces you never knew you needed in your wardrobe. A collection spanning from flowy dresses, structured blazers, and intricate jumpsuits, to a line of comfortable slip-ons and espadrilles for men and women, and even a line of accessories, Ergon Mykonos is breaking barriers not only in their unique patterns, but also in their design process. Clothing with a rich history, literally, Ergon Mykonos’ latest collection features styles with patterns that tell a story-Greek statues, geometric designs and all weaved from a loom, Ergon Mykonos is a brand that brings you the feel of Greek art in modern silhouettes.

LAFM sat down with Creative Director and Founder of EM, Marietta Karpathiou to hear her story, the inspiration behind the brand and what’s next for Ergon Mykonos. Check it out below!

LAFM: Marietta, can you tell us your story and how you created Ergon Mykonos?

Marietta: With intense artistic and architectural influences throughout my childhood and after attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, I wished to materialize my experience in architecture and product design into a brand that embodies my vision of clothing and items which carry the timeless inventiveness of Greece, the Greek spirit and its innovation. The story behind each collection by Ergon Mykonos comes from the images and tales of Greek mythology, elements and materials of our rich past, is customized to the contemporary, minimal aesthetic and my artistic glance. From my point of view, the Greek culture and its influence worldwide can now be felt on something as daily as your clothing-where you can add your own personal element deciding on how to wear each item every time!

LAFM: Ergon Mykonos is drastically different from passing trends, it’s got a representation of culture, a heritage, and is immensely creative, can you tell us what the inspiration was in developing this most recent collection, and how Ergon Mykonos stands out from other brands? 

Marietta: The Ergon Mykonos brand represents the fusion of arts, styles, cultures and eras and is always open to new additions and challenges. Our main difference among other brands is our revolutionary approach and the depiction of the Greek culture in our every creation. Our clothing collection is a new narrative of contemporary Greece, but at the same time so personal as we invite our customers to approach the clothes and wear them in their own unique way. The fabrics are loose and wide in accordance with the historical prototypes of ancient dresses for hot climates. Covering the body to protect it from the sun, and at the same time the technique of its creation lets the body breathe and feel breezy. The way they are worn is totally determined by the person who wears them.

Our current collection, the ‘Athenians Collection’ aspires to unite two forms of art in two Greek historic periods. The Golden Period of ancient Athens around 5th century BC as is illustrated on the red figured vases of that time with the contemporary Greek intense literary spirit of the beginning of the 20th century. Two arts: magnificent handmade pottery and the greatest poetry in Greek literature. The inspiration is prevalent in the ancient runner patterns of the Panathenaia games and in Cavafy’s handwritten “Ithaca” poem. Two arts and two times emerge to describe the journey, the effort and the timeless voyage that comprises life. The designs of the fabrics as well as the colors and patterns showcase these artistic influences and create another form of art merging history, literature and fashion. This dual feeling is what describes the woman of Ergon Mykonos, strong and sensitive, capable and unique, free and yet specific.

LAFM: Marietta, the latest collection of Ergon Mykonos has pieces manufactured from the ancient method of the loom, can you tell us the importance of that choice? 

Marietta: The manufacture of the textiles is made through the ancient method of the loom, but this time the handmade process has been replaced by the Hellenistic mechanical loom. Every motif has a repetition of 25cm, a technique followed in Greece during that period and the fabric is 100% pure cotton. The loom textile is indicative of every single collection we have made and for the first time in the history of the loom we have created new, modern patterns in such detail. We are proud for the designs and the manufacturing of our textiles that we create each year exclusively for Ergon Mykonos from purely Greek cotton working with local manufacturers.

LAFM: What does Ergon Mykonos stand for, and what type of consumer best represents the brand? 

Marietta: Ergon has been established as a brand that showcases the union of several expressions of art: architecture, product design, fashion design and installation design. Ergon Mykonos stands for a new approach in fashion. It combines culture and art and gives birth to items that can be worn all day, every day. Our customers are people from all over the world with powerful personalities and an acute sense of fashion.

LAFM: And lastly, what do you foresee for Ergon Mykonos in say, the next 5 years? 

Marietta: Our brand has already been loved but many people around the world in a very short amount of time. We believe that we are developing steadily with small but confident steps and as it grows more and more countries around the globe are introduced to our designs. My goal is to randomly meet beautiful people in different parts of the world while traveling, that express themselves wearing our collections and our creations.

River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

River Callaway is the Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer for The LA Fashion Magazine covering all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, events, travel and entertainment.

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