DESUAR SPA- A hidden gem in the heart of downtown Los Angeles

DESUAR SPA – A hidden gem in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. 

With the seasons still trying to decide if tomorrow will be hot or cold, there is one thing for certain; making a spa visit to escape!
Most recently, I was able to hide from the rainy front in a little gem hidden in a little basement off 5th street – DESUAR SPA. With the business that has been my daily routine, I knew I needed to get away. Unfortunately, a boomerang trip was not an option. Therefore, as I headed down to the heart of LA, and lead myself to the basement I transported myself to a spa-getaway that had me feeling as if it was my own personal space. Little did I know that I had found my little secret relaxation hidden away from everything.

Upon my arrival to DESUAR SPA I was welcomed with a warm greeting followed by a complementary beverage of my choice; water, tea and even a small selection of wine. Of course, with the weeks I’ve had, I chose the wine. After the first sigh of relief,  I made my way towards the spa room passing through their common lounge, that looked straight off of someone’s IG page. Once in the spa room I noticed it was filled with several different amenities. A sauna, spa-showers, and a bathroom filled with lockers and all the different services and accommodations provided (blow-dryer, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, as well as robes and slippers). Moving forward, through the other end of the door was their relaxation lounge. As I hung out for a bit while I waited for my room to finish prepping, I was kindly greeted by the owner, Deisy. She shared her story with me – how she started and her plans for revamping the place – but we’ll save this for another time.


                        But let me share my day 

I had the pleasure of indulging in three different spa services.
The Vegan Earl Grey Tetox Body Srub, the Vegan Teatox Body Wrap, and an amazing Swedish Massage. This as a combo was amazing. Not only was this the utmost relaxing experience I’ve had by far, can we go back to the fact that these were Vegan scrub and wraps? Yes, that is a thing! From what I learned, doing this regularly is beneficial in our overall health as the Vegan Teatox scrub treatment is made with Earl Grey, activated charcoal, and organic coconut sugar. The benefits of the mix is natural and works with your skins natural state without bringing toxins to work against it breaking it’s natural oils. Soon after the scrub, I hopped in the shower to get rid of exfoliant and dead skin as I prepped myself for my next treatment. The Vegan Teatox Body Wrap also includes an Earl Grey Teatox body masque with black zeolite mud and activated charcoal that is rich in ani- oxidant black tea extract. The pampering experience of a body wrap can provide multiple benefits. On top of Body wraps featuring detoxifying properties that rid the body of toxins through metabolic skin cell stimulation, Body wraps can also help in toning and tightening as well as nourishing and softening your skin. However, prior to it all, there was a process to follow. Before she began the masque treatment, I was dry scrubbed, which is meant to assist in circulation and  prepare my body for detoxification while being wrapped like a cocoon in what seems to be a huge foil like blanket where I sweat and felt completely warm and isolated. This was 45 minutes of pure bliss, detoxing while laying out and relaxing. After this incredible treatment, I rinsed off and was then massaged with an Earl Grey Body Soufflé lotion. My body was so incredibly soft and I overall felt better mentally and physically, as this whole experience was meant to remove dead skin, relax my mind and calm my body, as well as assist in my overall circulation all while riding my body of toxins.

Needless to say, my spa-cation was well enjoyed and will have to be a standing get-away appointment. This was definitely a great experience in a speakeasy like atmosphere, away from stress from the outside world. Beyond the services provided, and the amazing staff, DESUAR SPA really does make you feel like it is your own little basement secret, making it your little gem.
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