Meet Lindsay Hirsch, Enterprising Founder of Get Into the Limelight

Women and men alike want a healthy outdoor glow, but many self-tanning products leave skin looking more like you’ve eaten one too many carrots, not spent a day at the beach. That was, at least, until Lindsay Hirsch founded Get Into the Limelight, a line of bronzing products that leave your skin glowing like you just spent a week sunning on the French Riviera!

An Unusual Education

To say Hirsch has a varied educational background is quite the understatement. Hirsch studied for a triple major in Mandarin Chinese, international business and marketing. After graduation, Hirsch moved to China, where she sourced products for well-known companies like JCPenney, Edible Arrangements and HSN. While living overseas, Hirsch discovered a plethora of beauty products unavailable state-side.

Get Into the Limelight does not represent Hirsch’s first business venture. In addition to Get Into The Limelight, Hirsch also connects buyers in the U.S. with overseas manufacturers and distributors through her company Wish Upon A Product, founded in 2015. It didn’t take long for Hirsch to segue into the beauty world. As she explains:

“Being in and out of China, I noticed there were amazing beauty tools and accessories that just weren’t making it to the States. Most companies want to buy low and sell high but forget the value of investing in a high-quality product.”

Hirsch didn’t always enjoy the level of support she hoped for from her traditional 9-to-5 family in her business journey, but she refuses to let that break her stride.

“As I persevere, I continue to gain support and achieve great success.”

Hirsch cites her father as her biggest inspiration. She uses his passing as a reason to excel, not despair.

“Losing someone important to you gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you motivated to make them proud and do big things.”

Finding Satisfaction in Positive Feedback

The increase Hirsch experienced in her own confidence levels when tan inspired the Get Into the Limelight line of sulfate-free, paraben-free, and vegan tanning products that are 100% made in the USA. She measures her success in large part from the comments she receives from satisfied customers. As she describes it:

“Hearing genuine feedback from customers and influencers makes me so proud! I’ve had women with vitiligo and acne issues tell me that nothing works for them the way our Dark Chocolate self-tanner does. Also, of course, my social media ads are paid, but when influencers message me to say, ‘I genuinely am obsessed with your tanning formula,’ I know I’m doing something right!”

Hirsch cites getting media exposure as one of her most significant business challenges. If she could name her ideal clients, she’d enjoy working with someone like Selena Gomez or Meghan Trainor who are all about loving yourself and feeling confident.

Get Into the Limelight’s target market includes the 18-35 set. She describes millennials as extremely knowledgeable about cosmetics, preferring safe, vegan formulations to products loaded with dangerous chemicals. Hirsch describes what makes her line unique:

“Many self-tanning brands cater to that unattainable social media aesthetic of what is often called a ‘beach bunny body’ posing in some exotic location like Positano. Our goal at GITL is to cater to everyone! There is no need to travel to Positano when we can feel confident and great in our own skin without leaving the couch or our bedroom. Talk about Instagram vs. reality!”

Into the Future

Looking toward the future, Hirsch hopes to expand her line, perhaps by breaking into the world of exfoliation, which creates a solid base on which to add her line of tanners and bronzers.

“I would love to expand into some exfoliator scrubs and mitts. Maybe perhaps a mint scrub to complement our chocolate tanner? I can see that happening in the near future.”

Hirsch hopes to inspire other young entrepreneurs to follow their passion and their dreams. She also graciously thanks the wonderful customers that made her success possible. She leaves with this inspiring message to fellow business owners, those who wish to be and her clientele.

“I would say go for it! I have learned so much through Get Into the Limelight. I have built meaningful relationships with GITL customers and influencers, and it really has been such a special experience.

Thank you for reading about us! As it says on our About Us page, ‘At GITL, the door is always open, the floor is always yours, and DMs are always welcome to slide in. We are open to suggestions, product ideas and partnerships, creating a brand centered on confidence and inclusion because everyone has a spot in the Limelight.’” @getintothelimelight

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