Aaron Skyy Makes a Huge Comeback to the Music Game after Battling an Incredible Life Threatening Disease- “THE Return”

Aaron Skyy has returned with a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit. After facing tremendous personal struggles, he has emerged from darkness into the light with a triumphant return to music. Skyy’s perseverance is an inspiration to us all and his new project “THE Return” serves as proof that no matter what life throws at us there is always hope.

Aaron Skyy has been in the music scene since he was 19 years old. Skyy has worked with and for various companies, major labels, and MCA & Motown. Skyy didn’t get his first break until around the early 2000s with Randy Phillips who was the CEO of a label called Red Ant Records. Randy was also the former CEO/president of the Gasoline Alley who signed Sublime, and known for AEG Live and as Micheal Jackson’s manger. When Randy signed Aaron Skyy at Red Ant, he had great expectations for success of his album “Skyy’s the Limit”

Aaron Skyy has also been on tour with artists such as Maxwell, Donell Jones, and Beyoncé. Around the time his album started to really take off in the UK, things took a turn while rounding back to the United States. Aaron and his team discovered he had an illness called hydrocephalus. Several years have passed since then, and now Aaron Skyy is back with fire in his eyes and new love and appreciation for music and life.

Skyy faced a daunting challenge with hydrocephalus. This condition caused a build-up of cerebrospinal fluid in his brain, which threatened to take away his life. Despite the darkness that filled Aaron’s world for so many years, he explained “the fight that I had to push through with my brain surgery, I feel like people should do whatever you need to do to get healed, to better yourself, and to push through difficult periods in your life.”

Aaron was determined to move away from it and into the light. Aaron Skyy is well on his way to reclaiming those steps he had once already conquered in the past. Coming back into the music space, Aaron Skyy is excited to make a return with his new album called “THE Return“, allowing him to express himself freely without fear of judgment or ridicule from others and allowing Aaron to clap back at the ones who said he fell off.

He felt liberated as if for once all of the burdens had been lifted off his shoulders. Aaron is truly excited to start working again by showing the world what positive light has to offer.

He gives thanks to Randy Phillips and his family by stating “I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for him. Although I have to say I wouldn’t even have gotten this far now if it wasn’t for some other very important people like my parents , Thomas & Azalea, my uncles Keith and Jack, my son Jölon, my fam Day ones Ryan Torres, Manny, Dave Young, Floyd (Sprng Brk), CJ (Chris Johnson), Jaycen Joshua and my cousin Vince Whitley.”

In conclusion, Aaron Skyy is looking ahead to a bright future and he is excited to share his new music with the world. He has worked hard and has been generous enough to give a helping hand and the opportunity to young producer JAECEA. He is also thrilled about the potential of the South African artist Stefan Benz who looks to be set for international success. It will be interesting to hear Aaron’s album “THE Return” when it’s released and see what other exciting projects he has in store for us all.

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