Royal Realness: A Shoutout to the Royals Doing Good During COVID-19

We’re certainly living in unprecedented times, but just like our forefathers, after the plague came the Renaissance, so we’re once again looking up to some royals for doing some major good in their ‘hood. From being volunteer nurse assistants to delivering food to the needy, these royals are showing what real royalty and class means. Check out our shoutouts below!

  • First up is Princess of Sweden and Duchess of Varmland, Sofia. The former glamour model is doing her part to fight the COVID-19 outbreak in Sweden by volunteering at her local hospital as a voluntary cleaner and cook. After completing a 3-day emergency online training course, the Princess has been clocking in the hours, relieving nurses and helping out at the Sophiahemmet Hospital, of which she is the Honorary Chairperson. Hell ya Boo! We love a Royal that gives back to her community, in such a big way!


Princess of Sweden and Duchess of Varmland, Sofia


  • While the world has been captivated in following the every move of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, not many have followed their charitable efforts during the outbreak. As the couple recently moved to Los Angeles from Vancouver Island, they’ve been volunteering with Project Angel Food, delivering food around LA for those in need! Well done peeps thanks for giving back!
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle volunteering in LA


  • Due to safety precautions, strict curfews and stay at home orders, some royals have found ways to help by symbolically leading their respective nations in this critical time. King Willem of the Netherlands spoke on air a few days after the stay at home orders went into effect in the Netherlands,  with encouraging words saying, “there is still a lot we can do. We all know someone in our vicinity who will be needing people to look out for them. This is something we need to get through together. Many people realize that. They are keeping an eye out for others and helping out when and where they can,” he continued.”We cannot stop the coronavirus. What we can do is stop the loneliness virus!”​


King Willem of The Netherlands


  • With Prince Charles of Wales being diagnosed with COVID-19, and Queen Elizabeth II’s footman and dog-walker just coming out with a positive diagnosis, it’s been a tumultuous year so far for the Windsors. That being said, Prince William and Kate have stepped up and announced a Mental Health Program to aid COVID-19 frontline workers in the UK. Called Our Frontline, the initiative will allow frontline workers digital access to mental health-related sources, toolkits, and more to ensure their emotional well-being is supported while taking care of those affected by the virus. We love all these royals giving back to their citizens in various ways, well done Kate & Wills!

River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

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