The Best, Worst and Weirdest Dressed at the BAFTAs 2020

While the whole world was eclipsed by the jaw-dropping performance by Shakira and JLO last night-including us, we also can’t forget that right across the pond some of the top A-listers-and royalty dressed in their finest for the BAFTA Awards in London last night. This year the BAFTAs made a commitment to being more sustainable, using a recycled red carpet, banning one-use plastic bottles and utensils, and no goodie-bags, and also encouraged the stars to re-wear an older dress for the occasion. British designer Alexander McQueen was a big hit on the carpet, as was Chanel and Gucci, with some designers making new dresses for their muses, but opting to use sustainable fabrics to create masterpieces. Your Senior Fashion Editor River Callaway and Fashion Correspondent James Kelenyi were there to see the best, the worst and the just plain weird looks-and we’ve got all of our notes below, check it out!

  1. Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen 

River: I’m really not a fan of this for Kate. I love that she went sustainable as per the BAFTAs theme and re-wore an old dress, but I didn’t like it when she wore it in 2012, and I don’t like it now. I usually always love a Grecian inspired gown, but this dress ages her dramatically, especially with those sleeves-it reminds me of Caroline Kennedy’s wedding dress!

James: Kate looks every bit the Queen in waiting that she is. I love the gold detailing and I appreciate the addition of tasteful jewelry to add more sparkle. She truly looks like royalty here!


2. Margot Robbie in Chanel

River: I always appreciate a beautifully executed black gown, and this Chanel look is no exception, especially with the lace-bolero peek-a-boo back moment, but it just isn’t enough for me. It doesn’t stand out, and she’s an A-list starlet who doesn’t need much to stand out. I absolutely loved her 2019 Oscars Chanel dress, and would love to see here in an Old-Hollywood with a modern twist look again.

James: With a face like Margot’s, it’s hard to go wrong. This is a beautiful gown, just not on her. It’s almost too mature.


3. Laura Dern in Valentino

River: I’m very disappointed with this look for Laura. Girlfriend has been doing some amazing acting this year, and deserves incredible gowns to show her off, and this style is just not reflecting it.

James: Not loving this look on Laura. First thing to come to mind is the neckline does not work for her, it makes her looks like she has extremely broad shoulders. It also feels a little bit like Prom to me, maybe it’s the color?


4. Zoe Kravitz in Saint Laurent

River: I. DIE. This is the best look on the carpet, leave it to Zoe to always pull off an incredible outfit. Love the gold, and I love that although she’s fully covered up, she still looks oh-so sexy. Zoe is becoming the type of style icon in the ranks of Jane Birkin, Lee Radzwill and Grace Kelly, and I can’t wait to see what her Oscars and Oscars After Party looks are!

James: Love Zoe in this. She’s giving me Sade Adu vibes with that sleek hair and red lip. She looks cool and powerful. Also, love the tone of this gold dress, I hate when the tone is too yellow. Nice work Zoe, you did it again!


5. Charlize Theron in Dior 

River: I really love this gown, I’m only wary of the awkward chest cut-out, but the color is so incredible and I love the added belt and pleats on a ball gown. Stunning!

James: Charlize in Dior…again. Not loving this cut-out neckline on her. I feel like this dress is wearing her instead of the other way around. I wish that this was a fully executed look. She’s a beautiful woman, just not loving this dress.


6. Scarlett Johnasson in Atelier Versace

River: I love that Scarlett is really taking some fashion risks this Awards Season and going with some fun, colorful choices, but I really haven’t been a fan of any of them. She always looks stunning and the gowns fit her to show off her amazing curves and features, but it’s just not there for me. This looks very Vegas show-girl to me, not a fan.

James: Va Va Voom! Scarlett looks absolutely sensational! I really love this gown on her-from the color, to the sparkle, and the feathers. She looks like an old Hollywood showgirl, I love!


7. Florence Pugh in Dries Van Noten 

River: I love that Florence has really been coming into her own and giving us a taste of her personal style this Awards Season with some really funky and WOW looks, but this Dries Van Noten outfit is too much pop, not enough a flattering look. I love that Flo is a risk-taker, but the puff shoulder sleeves and mismatched lipstick color are all wrong. Very excited to see her first Oscars debut though!

James: This is going to sound harsh, but the first thing that comes to mind when looking at this on Florence is when you’re at a party and they have small cocktail napkins to match the color scheme. This looked like a bunch of crumpled up fuschia cocktail napkin at the end of the party.



8. Lily Rose-Depp in Chanel

River: I absolutely love this outfit! Chanel is always so classic with a twist, the sexy lace leggings and sheer skirt overlay are a total hit! Killing it girl!

James: Love this look on Lily-Rose. She’s gorgeous, she looks like a true model. This is also something, I feel like Margot Robbie could’ve pulled off. It’s sexy, sophisticated, powerful, and unique.


9. Reneé Zellweger in Prada

River: I think this is stunning and a huge step up after that all-wrong navy tuxedo dress thing she wore to the SAG Awards. This is so elegant and flattering, makes her look every bit the A-list, Oscar-nominated movie star that she is.

James: Is Reneé going to wear silk taffeta all Awards Season long? I mean it looks great on her, just not loving the pattern here. She looks beautiful, the color is perfect light rose to go with her skin tone without washing her out. It’s nice to see her in something other than black and navy.


10. Emilia Clarke in Schiaparelli 

River: Emilia looks incredible here, everything from the flattering column dress and spaghetti-strap neckline, to her sleek hair and fierce make-up, I’m fully for this, and totally going to copy it!

James: Another dress Margot Robbie would’ve killed in! Emilia looks chic and sexy, fashionable and sophisticated. Love the sleek hair, bare neck and the stunning make-up. The black earrings really balance out the black embroidery on the gown!


11. Olivia Coleman in Alexander McQueen

River: I love this for Olivia. It’s age-appropriate while also being super stylish. I always love a high neck moment, and with the embroidery and the sheer sleeves, she’s def got the panache of a Queen!

James: Olivia looks fantastic in McQueen! Love the high neck and her short hair. However, maybe just loose the earrings. The embroidery is absolutely beautiful and I love that she’s wearing a British designer at the BAFTAs! Huge props to her!


12. Ella Balinska: Giambattista Valli

River: I think Ella looks so gorgeous in this type of high-low silhouette, it makes her so glamorous-this girl has legs for dayssss. My only slight criticism is the pattern, I can be a bit of a prints & pattern critic, and this floral pattern looks like it could decorate my grandmother’s four poster canopy bed…

James: This is so cool on Ella! I love seeing something unpredictable and dramatic. There’s definitely a sense of youthfulness and fun with this look! I would’ve loved to see a more colorful shoe, maybe something to bring out the pink shade in the print of her dress.


13. Jessie Buckley in Miu Miu 

River: I’m very confused by this whole look in general. Miu Miu really did well dressing Lili Reinhardt at the SAG Awards, how did they go so wrong here? I feel like Jessie wanted to go for something funky and different, but with her red locks I would’ve loved to see a funky color pop like a Michelle Williams mustard-yellow Oscars dress, this is just all wrong.

James: Not a fan of this, with so many options for beautiful dresses why choose this? The neckline is over-bearing and the entire ensemble looks like it’s something out of period piece.


14. Jodie Turner-Smith in Gucci

River: Way to do pregnancy style! Jodie looks absolutely gorgeous, from this amazing color to the metallic lining throughout, and I die over her natural hair and a subtle pink lip. One of the best on the whole carpet!

James: Jodie is like WOW! What an energetic color! Everything looks absolutely beautiful from the dress, her skin, her hair and make-up and jewelry-like a walking ray of sunshine!


15. Daisy Ridley in Oscar de la Renta 

River: Daisy looks fun and fearless, I love that this dress includes a sheer pleated cape, it really elevates the whole looks and shows off Daisy’s toned figure!

James: Daisy looks stunning, this is very pretty. She looks so ethereal-a goddess in evergreen!


16. Alex Wolff 

River: I always love a well-fitted 3-piece suit and this is no exception. Alex looks great, the color really works with his features, and I love that he went with something different than a classic black tux! So fun!

James: I like this look on Alex. It’s cool and different, the blue metallic color really works for him. Plus how epic are those illustrations on the suit?! My only suggestion would be to tailor the pants so the leg isn’t buckling.


17. Naomie Harris in Michael Kors

River: Naomie is so stunning she could make a paper bag look amazing, so she really really looks incredible in this Michael Kors gown. Column dresses can be so flattering like we’ve seen with Emilia Clarke and Reneé Zellweger, and the silver is so flattering on her! Love!

James: Naomie looks great in this solve gunmetal gown! I love the little fringe tassels everywhere and the pattern keeps the look interesting and grounded. Plus-that slit! She looks gorgeous!


18. Naomi Ackie in Valentino

River: Bold & BEAUTIFUL. Love this for Naomi, the color is great, I’m obsessed with her long braid and very natural looking make-up. What a hit!

James: Love this citrine color on Naomi. The dress is flattering and I love the one-shoulder cape details. Plus the hair is killer! #BossBabe


19. Lulu Wang in Simone Rocha

River: I really love the effort by Lulu here. It’s so different from anything else we’ve seen on the carpet, and I loveeee lace, but I just don’t love this look. She looks like a teacup, not a brilliant director.

James: Lulu looks great-this is fashion, this is trend, this is style. Always loving the major earring moment here. I really appreciate when someone doesn’t do the typical gown look. I feel like we really get to see her personal style here with this look, I’m a fan!


River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

River Callaway is the Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer for The LA Fashion Magazine covering all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, events, travel and entertainment.

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