I Tried Foreo’s UFO Smart Mask Treatment – And It Is No Alien To My Skin.

Korean skin masks are all the craze now, and why not, they actually do work. The question is, how can we boost the mask for better results? For the past years, technology has been incorporated into skincare to enhance beauty routines. Honestly, any combination of technology and skincare would make anyone excited. From rotating face brushes, to massaging beauty rollers, to light therapy masks, it seems there are many innovative gadgets that improve your skin.   Foreo, one of the many brands who has joined the hype of skincare tech savvy devices has created the UFO Smart Mask Treatment.

What is the UFO Smart Mask Treatment? 

The UFO Smart Mask Treatment is the complete facial treatment that integrates LED light therapy and advanced Hyper-Infusion technology that turns a 20 minute facial into just 90 seconds! The UFO infuses the essence into our skin to deliver a dynamic facial. Fascinated yet? I am intrigued and ready to start this 90 second facial that promised me instant results. 

First Impressions

First off, I was so in love with the fact that I can get a 20 minute facial in 90 seconds. Definitely a plus for home spa treatment everyday!

Unlike the regular masks that you see, the device itself is small and round, and fits in the palm of your hands. Before anything, I had to download the Foreo app and then connect the device, it reminded me of bluetooth. To use it, simply just put the mask on the device, secure it, and start your treatment via the Foreo app. Each treatment has different sets of vibrations, LED colors, and heat levels. There are so many different types of masks you can use with the UFO. I used the Call It a Night mask, perfect for revitalizing and nourishing my skin, since it is made from ginseng and olive oil. 

The 90 Second Facial

Before anything, I started my regular skincare routine – double cleansing, toning, applying essence, and serum. I used the UFO before applying any eye cream or moisturizer. I was excited to incorporate the UFO into my routine. The UFO felt so nice on my skin, it really felt like I was getting a real facial with a scent of floral. With each pulse, I felt like my skin was absorbing the masks essence. Surprisingly though, I am not sure if I really noticed a difference from treatment to treatment in terms  of light vibrations. Perhaps because it is winter, I did feel the temperature change. 

As I was slowly rubbing the device all over my skin, I noticed it was hard for me to reach the inner corners of my nose, eyes, and lower part of my chin and jaw because of its circular shape. After the 90 seconds, there was still some of the essence left. I felt it might be a shame to waste it, so I restarted the treatment again, and used the rest of the essence as well as what was left in the packaging. I was able to repeat the treatment three times.After the treatment is done, make sure to gently tap the essence back into your skin.
My key tip for you is: DO NOT EVER WASTE THE EXTRA ESSENCE. 

My UFO Tip  for you is: It gets annoying when you restart the treatment, you have to rescan the barcode of your mask and do it again. Towards the end of the treatment, your FOREO app should notify you that your treatment is coming to an end. When that happens, quickly stop the treatment and start again, so you do not have to go through the tedious process again. 


Honestly, that was a nice at home facial treatment. My skin was hydrated and healthy looking, and overall felt really great. My skin felt nourished. The heat of the treatment was my favorite part. Most face masks are super cold when put on your face, so it makes me stay away from skin masks in the winter. After the treatment, I did feel my skin was softer than it was before and my face was not as red as it was. 

Bottom Line

$279? Is it worth it? Yes, it does not come cheap. The device definitely works and the plus (LED, Vibrations, and Temperature) does enhance the experience. Also, 90 seconds out of your busy day is exceedingly convenient. The price does get tricky, however if you are into the tech and skincare combo, it is definitely an enjoyable splurge. Or if you are time savvy, the UFO would be best for you. Ultimately, if you are fine with just a regular 20 minute skin mask, the price is a challenge to rationalize. 


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