The Beauty Trends to Look Out For in 2021

After a year of staying in, we’re all looking forward to being able to go out, meet friends and dress up again, and with that comes a new appreciation for looking and feeling great. The year ahead has plenty of interesting beauty trends to look forward to – read on to find out more about them.

It’s all about the top part

With face-covering masks expected to be a common accessory we will all be wearing for a while longer, the attention for beauty gurus has shifted to the top part of the face – including eyes, cheeks, and hair. It might be time to invest in a luxurious eye-cream to help clear away dark circles or polish up your make-up skills to create razor-sharp cheekbones.

Along with using make-up to make your upper features stand out more, it’s worth investing in better hair care too. Try adding a hair mask to your weekly routine for well-hydrated and shiny locks, or if you feel like your scalp could use some extra attention, it might be worth looking into to find out more about the benefits of getting a hair transplant.

Keep things subtle

We can expect to move on from the heavily contoured looks that were so huge a few years ago – instead, it’s better to keep things subtle and low-key. From the use of make-up to trends in cosmetic procedures, it’s all about small, effective changes that make a gentle transformation.

Rather than trying to turn yourself into a completely new person or replicate the look of digital filters, this new shift towards subtlety is about rekindling natural confidence in your appearance, something that is very much welcome after a difficult year.

Less is more

If your skincare cabinet is heaving with products and make-up galore, it might be time to give it a review and see how much of it you really use. This year also sees a shift away from complicated multi-step beauty routines, where you could expect to use ten or more products in a time-consuming ritual. 

That might have been fun at the time, but more of us will be less inclined to spend a small fortune on a heap of products that aren’t used as much as we hoped. Instead, pare it down to a few high-quality essentials that really pack a punch and deliver. Multipurpose products that can serve more than one use will be top of everyone’s shopping lists – think gently nourishing serums that brighten and soothe irritated skin. The less is more philosophy is also perfectly in keeping with a culture that is more conscious of the amount of plastic waste that is produced by the skincare industry, and fewer products on your shelf can help reduce the damaging impact on the amount of landfill you contribute to. You might even be tempted to try some of the solid bar alternatives, such as a solid shampoo bar.


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