The New App ‘Giggle’ is a Social Network Only for Girls!

[Giggle: a collective noun for a group of girls]

Giggle is the latest app to hit the marketplace (launching December 1st), and the only app that will be a social network only for girls! By connecting women with one another all over the world to find a roommate, connect for a cup of coffee, searching for the perfect gal for an upcoming gig you have, or finding girls with similar interests to make meaningful connections, the Giggle app was created to “connect girls for a purpose.” The revolutionary app is set to give girls choice, control and connection, in a female-only shared network, imagine being able to search for girls in your area to start a book club with, or meet up because of a similar career path, without those pesky boys!

With the use of gender verification technology through bio-metric software, only girls are allowed inside the app! But don’t fret, trans-girls are also welcome to the app, as Giggle is for all girls, with a goal of creating a safe and secure platform. It’s basically a LinkedIn meets Instagram, meets Facebook social network, but just for women!

With 11 categories including room, travel, gigs, activism, support, health, beliefs, exercise, hobbies, mentoring & networking and social, and with each category containing sub-categories, the possibilities are endless, Giggle has something for every girl, everywhere. Girls can now find travel companions, roommates, freelance jobs, make-up artists, cooking class enthusiasts and so much more. You can even donate to girl-based charities and support girl-owned businesses through the app-how cool is that?!? LAFM had to learn more, so we sat down with the creator and founder of Giggle, Sall Grover to discover all about this innovative app that’s set to change women’s lives, check it out below!

LAFM: Sall, we love the idea of Giggle, what led you to create it? Tell us your story!

Sall Grover: Thank you! It all started really because once upon a time I was a screenwriter in LA for 8 years, writing rom-com scripts about strong yet flawed girls who eventually realize they don’t need the guy. Needless to say, non of them have yet been made because the men who make those decisions didn’t really love my version of a happy ending. I then moved to New York because I couldn’t cope in LA anymore. The years of living in Hollywood and every reason the #MeToo movement exists had destroyed me, there’s only so much harassment and sexual assault a girl can handle, ya know?

Eventually I went back to Australia for some much needed therapy and family time, and Giggle literally started after a conversation between me and my mum over a bottle of wine! She would listen to me detail all of my experiences and finally said “I just want to do something to make life easier for girls!” My mum is the true genius behind Giggle!

                                          Founder Sall Grover

LAFM: I love that! Tell us more about what the app will do, and how it will help girls get together?!

Sall Grover: Giggle is a girls-only social networking platform, connecting girls for purposes including finding a roommate, freelance work, a travel buddy, and emotional support. “Giggle” is the collection noun for a group of girls of all ages, all around the world! Giggle works in a similar way to dating apps-without the dick pics!

LAFM: We could all use less dick pics that’s for sure! What do you hope to achieve with the app, and what do you want girls to get out of the Giggle app?

Sall Grover: I want girls to do what they want to do with Giggle. It it’s making new friends, fantastic! If it’s forming a group to re-read The Baby Sitters Club together, awesome! If it’s networking and starting their own businesses, amazing! I simply want girls to do whatever they want, for Giggle to be a way for girls to achieve their own goals and…I really, really want to re-read The Baby Sitters Club with someone!

LAFM: Don’t we all?! The Baby Sitters Club is a classic! We’re so excited the app launches on December 1st! But long-term, where do you see yourself and the app in say, a year?

Sall Grover: Personally, I will be back in NYC running Giggle and living in an apartment with some girlfriends and my dog, Puck. I had to be separated from him for the past year to develop Giggle, and I miss him so much it hurts! Giggle will continue to grow-we have so many new categories that will be launching and some very fun partnerships to announce in 2020, so stay tuned! Also, we’re working with some fantastic girls all around the world and it’s very exciting!

To join the #GiggleGang and get signed up and ready before it launches December 1st, check out the site, we know we will! #LAFMApproved #BossBabes

River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

River Callaway is the Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer for The LA Fashion Magazine covering all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, events, travel and entertainment.

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