‘Save Me From’ is the Incredible Hair Mask Company that Also Gives Back

If you haven’t heard of SAVE ME FROM, the hair mask company that’s changing hair as well as lives, I don’t blame you, they’ve been flying under the household-name radar for far too long. We’re putting a stop to that right now and introducing you to this incredible company that makes your locks lovable again, while also supporting Suicide Prevention and Breast Cancer.

LAFM sat down with Founder April Zangl Peck to learn all things hair, and why SAVE ME FROM is literally the gold standard in it’s charitable giving. As October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’re happy to support SAVE ME FROM and all the wonderful work they do!  Check it out below!


LAFM: April, tell us your story-from being a breast cancer survivor to creating SAVE ME FROM-we want to know everything!

April Zangl Peck: Almost a year ago is when I lost my own hair due to chemotherapy for breast cancer. I had undergone surgery and was about to also start on radiation therapy and hormone therapy. To say that it’s turned my world upside down is an understatement! Who would want to purchase a hair product from someone who doesn’t even have hair?! But I persisted because I like a challenge, and because I believe in this company and my mission for suicide prevention. My hair is starting to slowly come back now and my Age Acceleration reboot is doing a wonderful job at helping it come in soft and shiny.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, and this process has forced me to slow down and acknowledge that healing takes time. But in some way, preparing for the launch of my company has been helpful in that healing process because waiting around can be so aggravating and difficult unless I stay busy with things that I love and are passionate about.

As for the start of my company, studying women’s unmet hair concerns and analyzing trends, I saw that women wanted cleaner hair products that addressed damage and focused on the scalp. I was excited by all of this because like other women, I also desired cleaner hair care that would solve my own hair concerns. With a desire to understand women’s top hair concerns, I discovered that most of their concerns were actually “signs” of damage and the solutions currently available were “masking” not replenishing.

My belief is to truly solve a problem, you must address the whole system. This meant we not only had to develop solutions that would care for the hair, my products had to care for the scalp and every layer of the hair. With over a decade of experience in skincare, taking cosmetic formulating courses and teaching myself about ingredients, hair biology, structure and function, I identified attributes that make up great hair. I traveled to India where women have the most amazing hair. I felt inspired by Ayurvedic principles and I discovered  fenugreek, the star ingredient within our patent-pending Fenugen technology.

I considered so many important elements when creating SAVE ME FROM but it all started with the name of my company, LIV LUX LAB. LIV stands for wellness and safety and is inspired by Ayurveda. LUX stands for sophistication and luxury. LAB stands for results and substantiation. These are our principles that are engrained into every process. Every product we create is committed to being wellness focused, sophisticated and results driven.


Founder April Zangl Peck


LAFM: We love that Save Me From donates proceeds to suicide prevention-can you elaborate on why this is so important to you and part of the company goals?

April Zangl Peck: After losing my youngest sister to suicide in 2013, I was determined to find a way to help save others from her same fate. I consulted experts in social work and am working to become a trained instructor on suicide prevention myself. It took me three years, but I learned that there were signs that my sister needed help, I just didn’t know what they were or how to respond. It was upon these learnings that I developed the foundations of my brand, SAVE ME FROM. Once I realized that beauty can be a powerful source of self-expression and empowerment, I knew that a haircare line would be the perfect platform for raising mental health awareness and advocating for suicide prevention.

After taking cosmetic formulation courses and learning about ingredients, hair biology, structure and function, I identified attributes that make up great hair. My belief is to truly solve a problem, you have to address the whole system – you can’t just slap a band-aid on it! I wanted to create tip to root solutions. I searched for clean ingredients that would supplement what was lost in damaged hair and nourish a healthy scalp. I traveled to India where women have the most amazing hair. I felt inspired by Ayurvedic principles, and I discovered  fenugreek – the star within our Fenugen technology. We dedicate 10% net income to organizations who help people in real crisis and save lives.

As a company, we’ve also decided that with every salon and store that carries our line, we will attempt to offer QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) training when we visit to train them about our line. We believe in the value of learning to identify when someone is in crisis and how to help them feel confident in helping others in the event of a mental health crisis.

LAFM: Let’s jump into learning more about SAVE ME FROM-can you explain how your products work and the science behind it?!

April Zangl Peck: Our brand is based on the idea that we want to solve beauty problems, not cover them up like a band-aid. Most other brands can help your hair “look” the way you want it, but does not offer the replenishment and protection that we base our brand off of. Our website says it well: “The pursuit of creating safe, luxurious, results-driven beauty products guides everything we do, from the way we develop our products to ways we strive to empower the people who use them. Our mission is to create wellness-boosting, sophisticated and powerful personal care products that empower all people to find purpose, realize their potential and know they have the power to accomplish greatness.” I’ll expand how we do that.

First and foremost, we had to make sure we had something truly special and truly different. Fenugen’s patent-pending technology and tip to root results is a game changer in hair industry. It’s wellness focused and results driven.

We are the first “damage specific” hair care brand. Hair is damaged differently based upon its source and we work to combat how each specific source of damage affects the hair. This is a completely new way to look at treating the hair. Until now, other hair care brands have cared for damage with 1 or 2 different “damage-repair” products. Those products have been designed to primarily treat the ends of the hair, rather than the scalp or shorter hair. These products also tend to act as a “band aid” where they simply coat the hair, not necessarily penetrate and treat the hair. Damage can happen anywhere along the hair shaft and even at the scalp – causing new hair to be weakened from the start. We’ve designed our products so you can use them on the ends to the scalp. We believe for hair to be truly healthier; we must optimize the scalp so healthy hair emerges from the start.

Since our formulas are multifunctional, offering benefits of strength, shine, hydration and nourishment all-in-one in every product. Our results have been shown to restore virgin hair properties; we consider our products a new category of Reboot products.

Just like the skin, the hair has several layers that affect the hair’s overall look, feel and strength. We looked at the different proteins and lipids that make up the hair and looked at what proteins and lipids were needed to bring the hair back into balance. We took an Ayurvedic approach in understanding our ingredients and how our ingredients could bring the hair and scalp back into balance. We wanted to know as much as we could about where our ingredient came from, what nutrients made up each ingredient, how each ingredient would perform within the hair and scalp and about our ingredient’s safety. We discovered clean ingredients that would supplement what was lost in damaged hair and nourish a healthy scalp and designed formulations that would beautify the hair from cuticle to cortex and from root to tip.

When we formulate, we look at the hair and how damage sources affect it – from tip to root – and the most powerful ingredients we can use to combat the damage. We look at the cortex, cell membrane complex, the cuticle and the scalp. For example, pollution damage typically leads to cuticle abrasion. Air pollution can cause the hair to feel dry and tangle more easily because it holds on to dust particles. Increased free radicals can lead to protein loss in the cortex and affect hair color. Pollution can also lead to a decline in intercellular lipids, cholesterol and free fatty acids in the cell membrane complex. Oxidative stress to pre-emergent hairs has been shown to have negative consequences to hair surface structure, affecting the hydrophobicity and cuticle moisture. In addition to Fenugen and Bond Reboot, we formulated Save Me From Pollution Assault with Chia, Artichoke Leaves, a Dual Rice Complex and Vitamin C to powerful combat the various ways pollution damage the hair. We do this with every product. Since we are the first damage specific hair care line, this process of truly understanding the damage hair and scalp goes through and searching for ingredients with specific bioactive compounds that replenish hair and are proven to overcome negative changes to each area of the hair is unique.

LAFM: Can you tell us about your different products-specifically differences between say the ‘Pollution Assault’ to the ‘Age Acceleration’ and which ones are right for certain hair types?

April Zangl Peck: Pollution causes damage to the hair that makes it look dull and sometimes frizzy; Age causes damage from less nutrients and hormone changes, causing hair to look wiry and feel hard and thin. Sometimes describing the purpose of our Reboots is difficult because we’ve all become accustomed to what other companies have done, such as creating products to repair damaged based on hair “type”. Our products weren’t designed that way, and therefore cannot be described in terms of hair type, but instead on lifestyle. If you live in the city where pollution is much higher, then fighting the damage to bring out the best in your hair is going to be necessary. If you like to use blow dryers and straighteners daily, then you’ll need to repair damage from heat, which causes buckling and crazing on the cuticle. If you like to bleach, color, or relax your hair then you’ll need to repair the type of damage that occurs from oxidation and lack of nutrients, etc.

To sum it up a little better: we are the first hair care brand addressing the 5 types of cuticular damage. Most brands focus on split ends. We believe in optimizing the health of the hair, so we’ve taken a microscope – literally – and formulated our products to stop the 5 types of damage that lead to hair breakage. We address cuticle abrasion, buckling, cracking, crazing and cuticle absence. We’ve been told that women don’t care about this, but we beg to differ. We think all women want to really improve the health of their hair, not necessarily to band-aid the damage.

LAFM: And lastly, tell us about the future of SAVE ME FROM-where do you see the company in the next 5 years or so?

April Zangl Peck: We have SO MANY exciting things happening in the retail space right now and are so fortunate that people are taking notice of our difference. We have spent countless hours formulating the perfect products to restore hair to a virgin state, and we want women to feel comfortable in their natural hair (not the damaged type!) In five years, women will be able to purchase our products in retail outlets, salons, spas, and online, but just as importantly, we will have turned the beauty industry into DOING good with suicide prevention rather than talking about what needs to be done on social media only. We hope to be able to create a steady donation stream to suicide prevention causes, work toward our stylists who carry our brand (and hopefully many of our individual followers as well!) trained in preventing mental health crises, and for women all over feeling good in their best hair days every day.

We know you’re gonna wanna shop these products right away, so we’re gonna make it a little bit easier for ya! See below the bestsellers and #besthairproducts on the market today, below, but if you still want more, check out their website here!

The POLLUTION ASSAULT can be yours for $78 here!
Don’t leave without PRODUCT OVERLOAD for $78-here!
You’re gonna need CHEMICAL CONFLICT in a bottle for $78 here!
Let’s face it we’ve all gotten a little too much sun and sweat before, fix it with the SUN + SWEAT here for $78!
Grab the AGE ACCELERATION here before it’s too late!
In Love with your Straightener? Don’t feel guilty after you get the THERMAL OBSESSION here to refresh those split ends!
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