Check Out The Insane Looks Coming from Ukrainian Brand T-Dress!

If you didn’t know amazing designs and designers are coming out of Ukraine, you’re not alone. The media tends to focus on well-known, household name designers in the Big4 (New York, London, Milan, Paris) cities during Fashion Month, and much less reported are incredible pieces coming out of Kiev. One such brand you NEED TO KNOW is Ukrainian-born, LA-based brand T-Dress.

Co-Founded by Diana Perfilyeva and Kostya Omelya, T-Dress has perfected the T-shirt dress, in insane ways. A favorite of It Girls and fashionistas alike, T-Dress is changing the game with high-fashion comfortable looks that are as stunning in look as they are in price! Wear the pieces to Coachella or to the Hamptons, to Paris for Fashion Week or out on the town grabbing a coffee, they’ve got something for everyone and are only just getting started!

Co-Founders Diana Perfilyeva and Kostiantyn Omelya


LAFM sat down with Co-Founder Diana Perfilyeva to learn all things T-Dress, and how this fashion is the next big thing! Check it out below!

LAFM: We love the looks of T-Dress, they’re refreshing, they’re fun and they’re great for so many occasions! Can you tell us how you came up with an idea of the brand and made it become what it is today?

Diana Perfilyeva: We worked together with Kostya under his brand T-Dress. It was a a Kostya did ready-to-wear line including all types of apparel like tops, dresses, pants, etc. For the spring-summer 2015 collection Kostya created one particular dress – oversize T-shirt with “RELAX” print and ostrich feather decor, which gained huge attention during PFW among street-style photographers, and as a result appeared in the main fashion magazines in the world. That time fashion industry was changing dramatically and I saw an opportunity to launch the new brand with a new business model, based on focusing on one type of product and e-commerce sales. That’s how digitally native vertical brand T-dress was born.

Now, it works for so many women and it’s easy to put on and comfortable. T-Dress is having great success due to the special cut of t-dresses, which is perfect for any figure type, and right now we only have about 1% of customers wanting a return!

LAFM: Tell us about the dresses themselves-feathers and stones, and how it all comes together in something so fun!

Diana Perfilyeva: Well we have a relatively affordable price point for dresses and at the same time we really invest in creating chic designs and use a lot of amazing things like real ostrich feathers, hand-stitched fabrics, and all of our pieces have items-stones, feathers, that are all applied by hand. We’re very sustainable, all of our pieces are made to order, we produce the item, and it usually takes about 1-3 days to create the item and get it shipped to our customers.

We think it’s very important to listen to our clients, we communicate with them in a variety of ways almost every day, and we try to create what our customers want. We’re excited to getting into Plus Sizes in the future, which is something our customers specifically asked for.

LAFM: We love that you really listen to your customers, that’s something so important in any business, especially in fashion companies, but as a fashion brand what would you say has been something negative from a customer that’s been turned into something positive?

Diana Perfilyeva: As I said earlier, we really listen to our customers and something they mentioned was that some of the dresses only fit girls above the knee if they’re a certain height, so we created different types of dresses that work for people based on their height. Other feedback we received was to include Plus Sizes, which is something we are excited to get into. Currently our sizes are XS-L, but hope to increase to create new size ranges to include more customers in our designs! Everyday me and Kostya think of new ways to create for our customers, it’s essential to our business!

LAFM: Tell us what’s up next for T-Dress?

Diana Perfilyeva: For now we are working on investor relations to raise some money, and really enter and get more focused on the American market. As far as what’s next for our designs we’re preparing for our New Year’s Collection which will be full of sparking things and will include some really special pieces!


T-Dress is redefining the T-shirt dress in some incredible ways. From their made-to-order pieces to range of styles for any occasion, check out below some of our fave looks that’ll make you the trend-setter in your neighborhood!


Grab the Mini Dress with ‘Feather Splash for your next event here for $499!
Try the Sweet Dress ‘Party or Die’ T-Dress with Boa here for $216!
One of our absolute faves, the ‘Dancing Queen’ Dress for $840 can be yours here!
You’ll feel just like a black swan in the “Black Swan” Dress for $640 here!
Don’t leave without the T-Dress “Mirror Splash” with Ostrich Boa for $198 here!
Last but certainly not least! Get the ‘Gold and Silver Mirror Splash’ Dress for $226 here!


We know you’ll wanna see more, so head here and #getshopping on all these fab designs!

River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

River Callaway is the Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer for The LA Fashion Magazine covering all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, events, travel and entertainment.

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