Nonsurgical Nose Jobs Are Trending & Here’s Why

How Does a Nonsurgical Nose Job Work?

Your nose can affect how the rest of your face looks. Even a small change to the shape of your nose can alter the way your other features appear. This is one of the reasons so many people decide to get nose jobs. A nose job is also one of the most natural-looking cosmetic procedures you could get. After you recover from your surgery, people would never guess that this isn’t your natural nose. However, many people don’t want to go through surgery, even if it means getting their ideal nose. While you used to have to get a surgical procedure done for a nose job, there’s now a new option. Getting a nonsurgical nose job has gotten more popular recently because you can reshape your nose without a knife ever touching you. 

What is a nonsurgical nose job?

If you’ve dreamed of getting a nose job, but don’t want to have surgery done, a nonsurgical nose job might seem too good to be true. During a typical nose job, the skin is opened up so that the structural integrity of the nose can be altered. Since this can’t happen with a nonsurgical procedure, you might be wondering how it could possibly work.

A nonsurgical nose job is also referred to as a liquid nose job. During this procedure, a doctor will make injections into the nose to make adjustments to its appearance. Dermal fillers are used like they would be to add fullness anywhere else on the face. This adds volume to the desired areas on the nose to help make it look straighter or smoother. The procedure only takes around 15 minutes to complete. 

Most dermal fillers are only temporary, so the results could wear off in as quickly as a few months. This can be an added benefit for those who aren’t sure if they want to follow through with it. You’re able to see what the results look like and let them wear off if you aren’t happy. If you have more serious concerns about the results, injections can be given to reverse them There are some dermal fillers that are permanent, so you can always decide later on that you want to make the commitment. 

Who should get a nonsurgical nose job?

Knowing that there’s a nonsurgical route to nose jobs can make you ready to get one right away. It’s important to know that this procedure isn’t right for everyone who wants to change their nose. This procedure is significantly less invasive, so it can only treat problems to an extent. If you have a bump along the bridge of your nose, this can help even it out. It can also help slightly crooked noses or certain issues with the tip.

Dermal fillers add more to your nose, but the results often make them look smaller. Getting a smaller nose is usually the reason people want a nose job in the first place. This can help with that, but you won’t actually be able to make your nose smaller. Some bumps are too big to fill out. A crooked nose may also be too severe to be fixed with only injections. A person who has had a broken nose might also experience issues that would require surgery.

Not even who wants a nose job wants it for aesthetic reasons, either. Many people have breathing issues that occur from the natural shape of their nose. A liquid nose job won’t be able to do anything to treat this. 

Risks of a Nonsurgical nose job

Overall, a nonsurgical nose job comes with very few risks. Of course, it’s also a much easier procedure than having to get surgery done. After your procedure, you won’t need any recovery time and can get back to your daily routine. There are also fewer risks associated with it. 

Like anytime you have dermal fillers, there are a few risks that can happen from it. Many dermal fillers are made from substances made naturally by the body, so side-effects are usually not serious. A few side effects that could occur from this procedure are swelling, pain, and bruising, and redness. These will typically clear up on their own. 

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