Meet Sasha Bushtruk-Your New Favorite Lash Artist!

 Let’s talk about a serious necessity when it comes to up keep for us ladies! We have appointments for our hair, nails, bikini, brows & lashes! The maintenance for staying “up to standards” or simply fulfilling our needs in order to feel 100% ourselves is serious business. 

If you’re someone like me who has a special go-to person for each service then your lash go-to girl has to be Sasha Bushtruk! 

The 28-year old Ukrainian lash artist is in high demand in the Upper East Side of New York City. She does the most amazing work on lashes and we’re not just saying that! No one ever leaves her studio with lashes that have them second guessing if they came to the right place. (We’ve all been there)

 The difference between Sasha’s technique compared to others is that she blends in your natural lash with the best precision possible. Her clients are in awe of their lashes every time, thus her Instagram is filled with DM’s from her clients and people who want to book. Sasha is honest with her clients and sets realistic goals with their desired look. Maintaining a healthy lash while still giving a glamorous, voluminous, or natural look. Quality Over Quantity is a strong motto  which helps give the best results with Sasha bringing out your best lashes whether that be in lash lifts or extensions. She says, “it’s an important topic for me, as I’m attempting to break the myth that extensions damage your natural lashes”. 

 She didn’t always have a drive for lashes but her interest grew along her best friend who was taking a course at the time. She was surprised when her tomboy self got curious and soon fell in love with the craft. Sasha continued to perfect her skills until she became a proud successful business owner. She is now the owner of “Eye and Brow Factory” located on Lexington Ave in New York City. 

Sasha does not only work on lashes but has now ventured into microblading. Adding to her skills set, she proves that her hands were made for detail and feature techniques. It’s another reason why Sasha stays busy and booked! One day she hopes to work on her dream client, ‘Game of Thrones’ actress and now Ms. Sophie Turner Jonas. She says, “I have been dreaming of creating a light brown set for this redheaded beauty for a while now”. 

Check out her amazing work on her Instagram @eyeandbrowfactory you won’t regret booking your appointment. Our girl Sasha stays slaying the lash & brow game 😉

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