Wedding Destinations for the Daring couple: The Caribbean

Let’s face it, rocky terrain and lush forests are not what we imagine our weddings to be like. However, knowing that the Caribbean has become an epicenter of all things fashion and Hollywood. Earlier, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone going on vacation here, and now, it has become a regular area for identities to intersect and share ideas and even have musical concerts and festivals. What makes the Caribbean perfect for a wedding destination is exactly what makes it perfect for vacations. It’s a bold and warm place which welcomes everyone equally and has no qualms about going out of the box.

Now, packing your bags for Luxury travel to the Bahamas and the Caribbean is a pretty daunting idea in itself. Especially, if you know the expansiveness of the area, and how many islands dot the area, planning a destination wedding becomes a bit of a hassle. So, to take a bit of the tension off your back, we’re giving you a list of some of the destinations you might choose for the wedding.

  1. Nassau – The Bahamas

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and it comes loaded with stories. It helps that it’s also the epicenter of most traditions that follow this group of islands. From large parades to island-wide dance parties, this island holds it all within one calendar year. So, if you as a couple are looking for a party space to hold your wedding Nassau might be the place. If you or your partner have some nerdy pleasures, Nassau holds importance there too. It was the center of pirate tyranny during the height of their powers.

Before the new Governor of Nassau, Wood Rodgers took the colony away from their grasp, mythical figures like Captain Kidd, and the Blackbeard used to roam these seas. You can plan your wedding around these facts, go for a snorkeling trip with the groomsmen, or take a private lesson in the local dance forms from an original troupe so, that you can your own special kind of wedding. Also, given that Nassau is filled with beaches, you would be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a specific wedding venue. Maybe, a walk from one white sandy beach to the arms of another and a diving trip to seal the deal?

  1. Antigua

Antigua is one of the most famous islands in the Caribbean and with good reason. It holds as many as 365 beaches and is filled with destinations that can suit your wedding needs. Put up at some of the best resorts that the world has to offer, binge on wine by the seashore, and then make your way towards the pristine beaches to celebrate the ceremony. Antigua has a rich cultural history behind it, which would provide you with enough things to do if you’re up for some adventures. Take a hike through some of the hiking trails that lead through the beaches and thread through them, or simply take a page out of the Bohemian book and take a dive into the ocean. You can find a variety of marine life here too, so, maybe give a try to swimming around the reef and finding some fishes.

Antigua also offers you a chance to go Bonefishing. Bonefishes are notorious in their effective way of evading capture, but, the fishing tour might be a great time for you and your partner to have some happy times during the hectic wedding schedule.

  1. Aruba

Imagine this, you and your posse of wedding guests descend into the sea to see the world of marine life, and then got married at the sea as the world moves into a beautiful blue all around you. Aruba offers submarine services to groups and allows you to see Marine life up close. The beaches here are shallow and offer you a chance to enjoy the sea without having to constantly swim. This also provides an ideal location for getting married while your feet are in the water. You can also go to the secluded beaches that dot the island and visit the spaces that make those areas so sought out.

Aruba also boasts wonderful sceneries from the vantage point of its rocky terrain, so, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not give a nature wedding a try. For the after-party, the night-outs in Aruba hold the same charm and energy as Nassau town but, it hardly if ever, gets as crowded.

  1. Jamaica

Jamaica is also in the Caribbean however, it’s often forgotten. Jamaica holds some of the best places to get married in and enjoy yourselves. Not only does it have some of the most beautiful resorts, but it also holds some of the most beautiful natural wonders. Couples might be interested in trying out their hands at climbing the Dunn’s Waterfall and trying to find their common point by trusting each other as they scale the waterfall. The scenery across the lush jungles can serve as personal adventure spaces for the couples, and the beaches themselves are legendary.

Jamaica is not as shielded as the other islands in the Caribbean and hence, offers some of the most global services available. Get yourself wonderful white tents and fashion your own dreamland in one of the beaches, and maybe try your hand at one of the adventure sports while you’re at it. Jamaica has also become one of the most popular spaces for cruises to come along, so, if getting married in a mega yacht is something you’ve always dreamt of, then Jamaica might be the area you want to visit. Remember to book local caterers to have some of the best cuisines in the world served with the popular Jamaican twist and a lot of heart at the same time. You’ll not end up regretting it.

Weddings in the Caribbean is not unheard of but, it still holds a lot of untapped potential. The islands have been in the news lately, with many tourists choosing it as their destination, with that much hype, it’s going to make its place into wedding registries too. So, book your tickets early, and have a unique experience for your special day.

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