The Historic King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Athens, Greece

Dating back to 1930 and located in the centre of Athens, the 5-star King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel, represents the absolute essence of a fascinating boutique hotel.

Perfectly situated for captivating experiences, a truly inspiring and gracious venue, King George is located within walking distance from the wonders of Athens. The Acropolis, Agora, Plaka and Thission are nearby, so too are upmarket boutiques, world-renowned museums, and the city’s vibrant business district.

With 102 rooms and suites, a Penthouse Suite with private outdoor pool overlooking the fabled Acropolis, the awarded Tudor Hall Restaurant featuring authentic Greek cuisine and incomparable views of the city’s landmarks, King George finds its best expression in the outstanding personalised service.

King George Hotel was the main sponsor of Athens Xclusive Designers 2016 Edition. There is only about a marketing strategy or you are related to fashion also?

“The King George is a historic landmark property which with the recent major renovation it evolved into a fashion inspired stylish boutique hotel in the very center of Athens. This inspiration carries throughout the hotel public areas, our unique ‘Tudor Hall’ restaurant with wonderful views of the Acropolis to our rooms and suites.  As a result, instead of the typical hotel atmosphere we offer our guest a stylized residential personalized experience.”

What motivated you to go into the hotel industry? 

“Looking back at the time when I decided to enter the hotel industry I can definitely say that what motivated me was the exciting world of hospitality itself. For me, there is nothing more genuine and creative than having to do with people and their travels. I see the happiness in the people’s eyes and I know that I have contributed to this.”

lux3929ex-141501-Hotel Grande Bretagne King George Athens

What motivates you to live in Athens? Which aspects of the Greek culture do you enjoy the most?

“This is my city! Even though I spent a large portion of my young life abroad and most of my life I have been moving across the 4 edges of the planet -from the US to India- I would always come back in Athens. This is where the civilization was born and one of the oldest European capitals, rich with history and heritage. What I enjoy about the Greek culture, is the fact that life revolves around good food, friends and family.”

What are the most challenging issues you are facing on your current position?

“It is staying ahead of the rapidly changing market place environment.  Technology and Globalization have changed the way we do business. Our guests are far more sophisticated, experienced travelers and have all the tools they need to find the right hotel based on their needs and preferences. We have to deliver and if we don’t the world will know about it.”

lux3929gr-141502-Penthouse Suite - Living Room

What do you do at work that you enjoy so much you actually lose track of time?

“All of it! From the moment that I enter my office to the very moment I leave from it I enjoy being there for my guests and my colleagues/employees. I feel blessed for being surrounded by interesting people and this goes both for our travelers and our hotel team. I lose track of time when I discuss with them and I am really excited when they journey me through their memorable experiences and exciting impressions.”

If you could relive one day of your life, which day would you choose?

“Hard to choose one special day and quite frankly I was blessed to have a few of them in my life so far, but professionally the day I was given the responsibility as the General Manager of the Hotel Grande  Bretagne the  sister hotel of the King George.  As a young hospitality professional, it was the hotel I always dreamed of being part of its special history.”

In the eyes of your employees, what is the single most important quality you should have?

“This is an advice that I would give to anyone holding a job position like mine; be always open to them. Be the listener that they are looking for and stand by them in good and hard times. The utmost quality for a General Manager couldn’t be something else than the willingness of always being there for them.”


In your opinion, what is the single best quality your employees can possess?

“Attitude is the key quality for any employee at any level and no matter how long is in the position. Everything else is secondary and not of value to our guest if the right attitude in not there.”

What are the things that you do not like to do?

“Emails, today’s version of paperwork… it keeps you idle in the office for hours.”

If you must make a choice, would you do the things right or would you do the right things?

“Always do the right thing.”

At work, what puts a smile on your face?

“The first ‘good morning’ of the day as soon as I enter my office. And the good reviews of course! What better way is there to make a hotelier smile?”

lux3929gr-142192-Penthouse Suite Veranda Night view

How have you changed in the past five years?

“I wouldn’t say that I have changed much. I am who I have always been, just 5 years older.”

What advice would you offer to those who are inspired to become successful in the hotel industry?

“In the hotel industry there are all kinds of rewards; from hotel points to bonus meals. My advice is that the biggest reward of all comes when you are the very person that you also expect to meet once entering a hotel; be kind and treat your associates the way you expect them to treat your guests.  It will definitely reward you.”

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