The Inside Scoop: Top 10 LAFM Ice Cream Shops Across the US

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Now that Summer is finally here, the season of vacations, barbeques and beach trips is in full swing. And while we bask in the glow of longer days and lighter than usual traffic, the one thing we can’t escape is the heat. So, to help you beat the heat wherever you may go this season, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 LAFM ice cream shops across the US.

  1. NY – The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
    A NYC staple most recognized for their Asian-inspired flavors such as Black Sesame, Lychee and Red Bean.
  2. CALIFORNIA – Cauldron Ice Cream
    Located in Santa Ana this SoCal Ice cream shop has truly turned ice cream into an art form. Best known for making ice cream that looks like flowers and puffle cones, it’s a must-stop shop!

    Cauldron Puffle Cone
    Photo Courtesy of Cauldron
    Cauldron Lavender Ice Cream
    Photo Courtesy of Cauldron
  3. COLORADO – Sweet Cow
    Truly an ice cream shop for the 21st century, Sweet Cow is recognized for being a “green” ice cream shop. Using only compostable and recyclable products, they pride themselves on being the cleanest ice cream shop on the planet. And it doesn’t hurt that the ice cream is amazing!
  4. DELAWARE – Woodside Farm Creamery
    The Woodside Farm Creamery is part of the Woodside Farm, a farm owned by the Mitchell family since 1796. The creamery opened in 1998 and began making ice cream from their 30+ Jersey cows. Woodside Creamery is proof that food tastes better closer to the source.
  5. OHIO – Dietsch Brothers Inc.
    Dietsch Brothers Inc. is a classic family-owned ice cream shop with a delectable 75 year history of homemade ice cream recipes. In addition to ice cream they are also known for their chocolates and other confections.
  6. ARIZONA – Churn
    If there is any place in the US where you need ice cream, it would be Arizona. Luckily, Churn all natural artisanal ice cream is there to keep you cool.
  7. HAWAII – Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream & Desserts
    Although Bubbie’s has amazing traditional ice cream flavors and desserts, it’s their mochi ice cream that has really put them on the map.
  8. PHILADELPHIA – The Franklin Fountain
    Known just as much for it’s 19th century parlor décor as it is for it’s old-fashioned ice cream, you can’t go wrong stopping by the Franklin Fountain for a chilly treat. Try the Mount Vesuvius sundae for a traditional favorite.
  9. CINCINNATI – Graeter’s (Yup, Ohio made the list twice!)
    From it’s humble beginnings being sold at street markets in 1868 to being a food critic favorite, Graeter’s has remained true to it’s artisan roots – making ice cream essentially the same as they did over 145 years ago.
  10. TEXAS – Lick Honest Ice Cream
    Lick’s is an all-natural, locally sourced artisanal ice cream shop that is known for it’s Texas-inspired flavors such as Cilantro Lime, Dewberry Corn Cobbler and Sweet Persimmon & Sage.
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