Fall Hairstyle Ideas from A-List Inspiration

Another fall has arrived, which brought us new and fresh beauty trends, hairstyles included. There are many styles to choose from, but for the ones that will unmistakably turn some heads – find your inspiration among celebrities. Various hairstyles are gaining momentum this fall: from bold pastel hair colors and layered cuts to more sophisticated looks and everlasting LOBs – there is definitely something for everyone.

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Timeless elegance: one-cut length

If you’re not a big fan of experimentation, there’s something that never goes out of style: long, healthy, one-cut length hair. If you’re already rocking this hairstyle, consider freshening up your look with a snip of the ends. This will ensure you’re free from split ends, which will allow your hair to continue its growth and make your hair fall freely down your shoulders without looking too rough.


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The absolute queen of this look is Jessica Alba, and it suits her girl-next-door charm perfectly. This one is a classic. If you’d like, you can even freshen up your color: pick warm deep brown for that autumn feeling, but do mind your skin tone to make the best of your hair color.   

Pretty in pink: pastel shades and rose gold hues

Good news for those who like to give a bit more edginess to their looks: pink is trending and seems to be the favorite color of celebrities! The subtle rinsed-color look is in the spotlight: just check out Kylie Jenner, Amber le Bon or Blake Lively.


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This look really has that effortless charm to it, but don’t fool yourself – it takes a lot of effort to maintain it. To achieve it, you would have to bleach your hair so that you’re left with the lightest shade possible and ensure good color application. The closer you get to platinum as a starting canvas, the better.

This can be extremely stressful for your hair, so you need to take additional care, both on the outside and inside. Update your hair routine and go heavy on the hydration masks. Take hair vitamins to ensure your hair gets what it needs for nice growth, shine, and health. You can find them here. Taking this kind of supplements is advisable even if you don’t stress your hair with bleaching and dyeing.

Attractive shaggy look: the LOB domination

For all the ladies who know there are other ways of expressing femininity other than the long luxurious hair: medium lengths styled in a messy, careless manner are an absolute hit! Be it that you let your hair grow a bit more and combine the look with bangs like Emma Stone did, or that you rock a side part like January Jones – you cannot go wrong with this look. This style is really easy to achieve and to make it even more noticeable, you can add a bit color to it that will enhance the messy waves.


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Balayage was a trend that reached its peak during the summer, but this shouldn’t stop you from adding a bit more texture to your look with highlights. Ombre is making a huge comeback, with color transiting from darker brown to subtle blond being the latest trend.

Cut it all: a sassy pixie look

This look really has that wow-effect: it’s bold, it’s edgy, and it takes an attitude to pull it off. It was popularized by Ruby Rose, the star of the “Orange Is the New Black” series. Her beauty inspired many women to cut their hairs and embrace the low-maintenance look. Ruby Rose rocked a very short pixie for a while, both with an undercut and with a Mohawk, but now she let her hair grow just between the pixie and a bob, and it looks simply amazing. This cheekbone-length is a living proof you can have volume even with short hair!


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A simple change in color, length, or style can affect the way you feel about yourself, boost your confidence, and influence the impression you leave on other people.  This is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to fall hairstyle trends!


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