Best LA Workouts 2016

People hate when I say this, but it’s true, I love working out! It’s not that ridiculous though, because luckily if you live in LA, the types of workout choices are endless. These are some of my favorite new workouts that are really amazing and super fun!







This 45 minute workout is crazy unique, all the instructors are Australian and tell really bad jokes the entire time. As I was watching the instructor explain the exercises he kept accusing me of checking out his bum. I can truly say, I have never in my life laughed so much while working out. This is a high intensity interval training class, which consists of 4 stations, which include three 45 second exercises. There is a break between every exercise and when you switch stations there is an even longer break. It allows you to restore your energy to give it all you got once you are back at it. The exercises include kettle bells, dumb bells, suspension bands, bikes and rows. I’m sure I’m leaving lots out, but classes are different all the time. So you will never get bored! Classes change by day from “Mighty Mate” a full body workout, “Bondi Burn” upper body, or “Thunder from Down Under” you get the idea. Last part of class is outside in a super relaxing patio where you will finish up with abs and many more bad jokes. This place is about commaderie and you leave here feeling like you just worked out with a bunch of friends.

First class is free

7825 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046

y7 pic 







This Brooklyn, hip hop based, candlelit, hot yoga class will blow your mind. I’ve been reluctant to try hip hop yoga for a long time, I couldn’t grasp the idea I could feel zen listening to rap. But I was pleasantly surprised and now I’m obsessed with this place. The studio is very small and cozy, there are no mirrors, and it’s dark and intimate. The room is heated 80-90 degrees with an infrared heating system. So instead of sweating from moisture, this is dry heat, so you are really sweating from within. The music is fantastic, it ranges from Biggie to Stevie Wonder. You really get into a zone,  moving your poses to the music. The workout consists of three flows, the instructor will guide you the first two times for each of them, and the third you go at your own pace. This place is always doing cool new classes, for example this week there is a Fetty vs. T-pain class.

New Client Special
45 for two weeks
99 for One month

8270 Melrose ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046







 This facility is huge and offers a variety of classes from Ropes, Pilates, Yoga, Barre, and TRX. The rooms are heated with humidity and have color therapy lighting. The classes here are mashed up with many types of workouts. For instance, the Hot Pilates class does not solely involve mat pilates but also incorporates yoga and cardio intervals. It is truly such a well rounded workout, I have not done anything like it. This place also has a kombucha bar and spa like bathrooms, which is always nice.

First class is free
5 days for dollars
79.99 Unlimited month

1619 N. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029





I have honesty only done this class once, but my butt was crazy sore after, and I have since been dying to go back! This class is 25 minutes and is done on a supraformer machine. If you are familiar with pilates reformer classes, you may be aware of the megaformer. It’s a pretty hard core machine that has weights and ropes attached which give you an amazing core, strength and stretching work out. The supraformer is basically the megaformer on crack. The instructor has a remote that controls the machine so it moves like a surfboard to increase the level of difficulty. This class was fun, I was fully amused by the machines movement. It’s a quick, in and out workout, which will leave you feeling very sore after.

First class is $15

375 N. La Cienega Blvd, Suite 1
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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