4 Athleisure Staples You Should Have In Your Closet

Activewear has become a popular fixture in the fashion industry and clothing trends worldwide. This is mainly due to these outfits being both comfortable and multifunctional.  

By definition, athleisure is a type of apparel that can be worn in casual settings and still function as workout clothes. The clothing is made from varying fabrics, designs, colors, textures, lengths, and functions. 

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If you’re interested in incorporating athleisure into your closet to mix and match with other clothes, there are several key pieces you can start with. Additionally, just like all outfits, you can feel free to inject your own style into it. 

Here are the top four must-have athleisure attires you should have in your closet. 


  • Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are one of the most versatile clothing items because they can be worn for almost any occasion. You can wear one as a casual top layer when traveling to the gym, as a pullover after your training, or going out with friends.  

There’s an endless number of styles for you to choose from. You can get a custom sweatshirt design in a print and color of your choice to make it truly express your unique personality. Another popular option is to keep your sweatshirt in neutral colors so you can easily match them with other apparel.


  • Basic Tee 

Like a sweatshirt, this primary item is essential and a must-have in activewear because it forms the basis of every causal outfit. It contrasts with the dressier shirt designs that you would wear for more stylish events. A basic t-shirt in a single color with no prints or patterns can be worn as casual wear for lounging and part of your activewear when you work out. 

What’s more, the basic tee is perfect for layering your outfit. It also means you can wear a T-shirt during any season and add or remove clothes as temperatures rise and fall. You can do this by wearing a basic short sleeve shirt made with breathable fabric in hot weather. In colder months, you can choose a long sleeve tee and throw a hoodie or zip-up training jacket over it to keep you warm.

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  • Sweatpants 

If you often transition from morning exercise to your daily schedule and prefer to keep the same clothing on, then sweatpants will serve you well. These informal pants can work as a thermal regulator during cold weather when you exercise. It does this by trapping heat close to your legs to keep your lower muscles warm. The elastic ankles also contribute to warmth by preventing heat from escaping your feet. 

When the weather starts to heat up, you can transition to wearing summer joggers made from thinner and lightweight materials such as nylon and polyester. You can keep a pair of utility joggers made from corduroy or cotton as a temperate weather option. It can also become part of the everyday wear section of clothing in your closet. Alternatively, you can go for stretchy leggings as your athleisure bottoms if your activities are more fitness-focused. 


  • Sneakers 

Every sportswear closet should have high-quality sneakers that can stand the test of time. An adequate pair of athletic shoes can make a big difference to your athletic performance as well as daily comfort. If you’re more active in sports and exercise, you’ll need to opt for sneakers that can assist you and, just as importantly, prevent injuries. There are also adaptable sneakers in the market if you’re looking for shoes that are flexible for both running exercise and running daily errands.

Athleisure sneakers are diverse in design and fashion aesthetic as most brands have created shoes that provide both style and athletic capability. You can get sneakers with high tops and thick soles for better foot and ankle support for everyday walking and high-intensity sports. Other types of sneakers can be more dressed up in neutral or custom color palettes to wear for work or special events. Whatever pair you decide on, make sure the fit and comfort levels are to your suitability. 



The above items are recognized as staples because they serve a multitude of activewear functions while catering to your comfort. You should select garment pieces designed to work for your lifestyle and daily habits. Keep in mind to consider the changing seasons when you eventually shop for athleisure. 

A key takeaway is to choose outfits that allow you to build outfits that can be worn when you’re both active and resting. Your starter items should ideally be neutral or monochrome colors so that you can match and layer other existing clothing in your closet. Once you have the basics, you can include different colors and prints in your wardrobe.


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