5 Steps to Prepare Yourself for a Tinder Date

Modern romance is hard to imagine without online dating apps. And while even a decade ago it was a sort of a new phenomenon, it is the new normal today. It is neither bad nor good – it’s just one of the most convenient ways to handle dating in today’s fast-paced way of life.


And like any other type of date, a Tinder date will most likely get you at least slightly nervous or overwhelmed. However, going out with someone you’ve met online might entail some additional worries. For example, will your date look exactly like their profile picture? What are their actual intentions?


In this article, we will share several steps to help you prepare for your first Tinder date. They range from planning your outfit ahead of time, choosing an appropriate place, and deciding how long you will stay in advance to checking their Tinder profile one more time and being invested in a conversation with your date, among other things. Read on and have a great first Tinder date!

Plan the Date in Advance

When going on your first Tinder date, you might want to rush to meet with the other person as soon as possible. However, it is important to remember that no matter how good-looking and interesting your match might seem, you need to be prepared for anything during your date.


So try to plan the date in advance and plan an appropriate outfit for it. First of all, choose something that will make you feel comfortable and confident. At the same time, remember that nothing is more important than listening to what your date has to say, and chances are, you both won’t pay too much attention to what the other person is wearing if you are focused on the conversation.


Don’t Be Afraid to End Your Tinder Date if You’re Not Having Fun

If you discover that the person you’re meeting is not a good match for you, there is no point in wasting your time on them.


In this situation, it’s better to end your Tinder date early instead of getting stuck with them for a couple of hours. Remember that instead of wasting time on a superficial conversation, you could be having fun with toys or perhaps with male sex dolls without worrying about incompatibility.

Select Your Place Carefully

As you probably know, first Tinder dates usually happen in coffee shops or bars. However, this doesn’t mean that such places can’t bring as many issues as possible as well. For example, if the number of people in a coffee shop is too big and it gets too noisy, you might start feeling uncomfortable and not enjoy your date with your match. And if the place with terrible acoustics is too small and lacks sufficient lighting, there is a chance that you and your match won’t be able to see each other properly and end up missing each other’s facial expressions and body language cues.


Therefore, we recommend choosing a place with good lighting that, at the same time, won’t be too crowded so that you won’t have problems communicating with each other. There are many options of such places in every major city – such as cozy cafes with low lighting and excellent acoustics or bars with lots of space and soft music playing in the background. 

Make Sure You Have Something Interesting to Talk About

First dates usually last for an hour or two at most. And if it happens that you and your match haven’t found anything interesting to talk about during this time, it could make a date awkward and mentally taxing for both of you. So how can you find a topic for your conversation? Here are two tips worth considering:


First of all, ask questions that will help you get to know each other better – what kind of food they like eating, what kinds of books they read, what their favorite TV show is, etc. Secondly, try asking them about their hobbies and interests so they can tell you more about themselves – their favorite sports team or book series, hobby activities they enjoy doing on weekends, and the things that they are passionate about.


Be Invested in the Conversation With Your Date

The main goal of your first Tinder date is to get to know each other better. And nowadays, many people tend to use online dating apps like Tinder because they want to find someone special in their lives. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that during your Tinder date you are invested in the conversation with your match and try to get to know each other better.


For example, be curious about their answers and ask follow-up questions if needed. Being curious not only helps you get closer to finding out what kind of person your match is, but also makes them feel valued and respected. And if they feel valued and respected, it is much easier for them to open up and share their thoughts and ideas with you.

Final Note

The main goal of your first Tinder date is to find out whether the person you’ve met online is a good match for you or not. 


So if you spend time with someone while not particularly enjoying it, you will understand that they aren’t a good match for you after this short period of time. However, who knows, maybe a person you just met might become your soul mate. Therefore, try to stay focused on your date and get to know each other better.


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