8 Ways Fashion Could Help Your Love Life

There are two things that can really make a fashionistas’ heart feel full…our love of fashion and our love of love. And to make your heart runneth over, you will be elated to know that not only can you totally have both but your obsession for fashion could actually help your love life.

You are reading this on The LA Fashion, so I’m sure it’s safe to say that your fashion game is on 100. But if your love life is more on a 75 and you’re single and ready to mingle, then we are here for you.

Check out these 8 ways that fashion could lead you right into the arms of your soulmate!

pic of girl wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt
pic by Calvin Lupiya

#1 – There’s something about wearing an outfit that is styled to perfection that does something to ones’ confidence. And like that saying goes, “when you look good, you feel good.” And the absolute, sexist thing that you can wear is confidence. It can be spotted from a mile away and that type of energy will attract others to you like a magnet. Even if you aren’t feeling like you’re at your best that day, fake it ’til you make it in an outfit that always makes you feel good. You will be approached by a potential soulmate…guaranteed.

picture of busy shopping mall
photo by Anna Dziubinsk

#2 – Fashionistas enjoy a good shopping extravaganza, don’t we? And although online shopping is my fave, it also keeps you in the house and away from people. Shopping malls, outlets, and boutiques are full of people who like to go shopping. Everyone seems so eager to meet their soulmate by swiping to the right, to the left, or by spending countless hours surfing dating profiles. But sometimes you have to get up, get cute, and hit the stores. You will be surprised who you might meet. ?

pics of two men dress fashionably in bold colored blazers
pic by Mariya Georgieva

#3 – Fashion is like an extension of your personality. Quirky, sophisticated, cool…are some personality traits that can be seen through style. Don’t overdo it or at least make it look effortless. When a potential love sees you and is feeling your cool vibe, he will walk over and strike up a conversation.

pic of couple kissing, lady wearing lace dress
pic of Nathan Walker

#4 – Fashion creates memories in a way that only a fashionista would appreciate. Let me give you an example: Currently seeing someone? The next time you’re irritated with ‘em, take a moment to scroll through your camera roll of photos you’ve taken of the two of you. The romantic lacy dress you wore to dinner or the sexy jumpsuit you rocked at the festival are sure to evoke the feelings that you were having during that time. If he’s the right one, you will be reminded of just how much you love the guy! Maybe you’ve already found the love of your life after all! ❤️❤️❤️

picture of girl wearing a Dallas Mavericks hat

#5 – Fashion can help you show off your team spirit. The next time you’re headed out to the bar, style your outfit around a Cleveland Cavs t-shirt or your favorite team hat. You will meet fellow fans of the same team and striking up conversations will be easy, since it seems you already have something in common!

pic of girl wearing a red cape dress               pic by NCredible Images

#6 – Cultivating a relationship with someone who wins the title of being, “the love of your life” takes time. So, consider it in fashion terms. Think about the effort involved when you consider you put into finding the perfect outfit for an event you are excited to attend. You know exactly how you want to look and exactly what pieces it will take to create the style. You take the time to find what you want, bargain shop to make sure you are paying the best price, then you try it all on together to ensure that it fits just how you imagined. The same principles apply when finding love…

pic of girls walking down a fashion runway
photo by Kris Atomic

#7 – If you have ever attended a runway show, collection debut party, or any other fashion related event then you know that they bring out all kinds of people! The house is packed with creative people from the production crew, DJs, photographers and more. Don’t be afraid to mingle. Not only could it lead to a love connection but the person you meet might one understand the value of a well-fitting, comfortable, high-heeled shoe just as much as you do. ?


#8 – Two words…Wrap Dress. Regardless of age, size, height; this dress creates a hourglass figure that always brings all the boys to the yard. Invest in a good one. You’ll thank me later! ?

Remember…“The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.” – Alicia Keys

Did I miss anything? Leave a comment and let me know…

                                                                  Stay Fearless ?

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