Love Always with Salvo Amor

Next year’s mood is always love. Same as always. The same is for Salvo Amor, the Northampton, UK based brand developed by Aaron Gera. Salvo Amor is committed to spreading love and positivity that is instilled within all of us. Aaron’s unique sense of style and clothing  comes from his inspiration of his day to day life, beliefs and practices.

“I often practice with Salvador Dali’s paranoiac critical method, a lot of my work and the journey of Salvo Amor reflects that. I am deeply fascinated by surrealism and the concept of synchronicity. It is all about oneness and connectivity. My birthday is 11/11, which cannot be by coincidence, I don’t believe in such things, I believe in purpose.”

The 23 year old has always believed in helping others and has been fortunate to find people who share his vision. With Salvo Amor he is able to do just that. His collection of T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and denim are all made with one mindset and that is to make people feel special in being able to express themselves.

“I realize that what we wear is just an extension of self, deeper than that it is a reflection of our psyche and how we are feeling.” 

In the first two capsules, there’s Salvo Amor Street, a reflection of his earliest way of being- very urban, very simple, and very reliable. Later he will introduce Salvo Amor Luxe, introducing more pieces which explore fabrics such as Saturn’s, Silks and Viscoses, balancing both eccentric print works with very simple yet equally beautiful designs. Recently in India Abhay Iqbal and Joson have been developing a hand made fine-jewelery line and preparing for an upcoming campaign. Salvo Amor is also working on a project with blind children out there courtesy to them both. Other co-founder Dom is working on a boiler room capsule too, which will be released in a unique European Pop-Up concept. 

Being from Northamptonshire UK, where Francis Crick was born, a key person involved in discovering the Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which unlocked the future of genetics and also the location which marks the burial of the beautiful Princess Diana. He hopes to make his own personal mark and continue to spread the idea of sustainability through Salvo Amor and make a difference for the people in his hometown.

“I think there is nothing more creative than a woman and closely second the human heart.”

Besides his hometown, Aaron also finds fashion inspiration in the city that never sleeps, New York City. He reflected this in his first capsules making it versatile for the daily motions of a man or woman living in the fashion capital of the states.

“If you look at the first 2 capsules, they depict 24 hour wardrobe. I did my first campaign there, it’s just so diverse and you are engulfed in a world of creative inspiration from all different cultures and ages, 24 hours a day, whether that be in stores or in the streets.” 

We are eager to see what Salvo Amor creates for the new decade to come, which starts with their official partnership with Women’s Aid UK. The national charity for abuse against women and children. With the same energy in mind we are sure they’ll keep spreading the love.

“You could argue the only fashionable thing about our brand is the fashion in which we are spreading our message.” 

Follow Joson, Abhay, Dom and the journey of Salvo Amor on Instagram @salvo_amor_official and shop online at

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