5 Tips On Staying Fly & Dry This Summer

Sunny days are here again and I’m loving it, my friend!  There is a certain feeling that a warm Summer day gives me.  Really, it’s probably the same feeling that it gives you.  Since the right amount of sunlight boosts your mood,  improves immune health, strengthens bone and teeth, protects against aging and can even assist with loosing excess fat.

Too much exposure to the sun can cause sagging skin, wrinkles, freckles, and serious health concerns.  And let us not forget about one of its’ least glamorous drawbacks, the sweat!  I have no problems with sweating.  As a matter of fact, I welcome it…at the gym.  But breaking out in a full on sweat just by walking from the front door to the car, is not my idea of a good time.   Who wants to have perfectly primped hair, a beat face, while wearing the cutest sundress you have ever seen, only to end up with flat hair, melting face, and a sun dress that is soaked with sweat?

Last year, my Summer was spent hiding inside under the cool air conditioner until sunset.  However, I’m not looking forward to being a P.O.H (Prisoner Of Heat) this year.  But how does a girl stay fly and dry when the temperatures keep rising?  I reached out to 5 style and beauty experts.  Here is what they had to say:

gray and lace long tunic tshirt
Royalty Top – BLB

It may seem counterintuitive, but when it comes to summer dressing, the bigger the better. Loose silhouettes in light, natural fabrics should make up the majority of your summer wardrobe because unlike those skin-bearing short-shorts and tight tank tops, breezy culottes, tunics and maxi dresses will allow for better air circulation.

– Chelsey Conroy, Stylight.com

set of make up brushes, lipstick, and foundation
? by Manu Camargo

Living in blistering Australia and having recently travelled through South East Asia, heat has not been my friend! After much research I discovered a great product that keeps foundation looking perfect no matter what. Enter the HYLAMIDE Finisher Series Pore Delete cream. Firstly, it can be a bit intimidating and hard to apply due to it’s pore filling, fast drying formula. With a little perseverance I found the perfect way to apply it. By applying my foundation first (which goes against the directions on the bottle!) I then dab a bit of HYLAMIDE on the same foundation brush and buff it in. The key is to mix it into the foundation while it’s still fresh on your face. The most important part is so ensure you spread it all out evenly with a great buffing foundation brush.

– Natalia Webster, ChicOnTheRun.com

red printed sheer maxi skirt
Tribal Girl Skirt – BLB

My recommendation is to always shop with a look in mind so you don’t get home with a bunch of random styles of clothing that don’t go with anything, and to pick more natural fabrics like cotton and linen. You can lift your outfits with accessories and you don’t have to give up on layering just because it’s hot, sleeveless open vests, bra-lettes under cotton shirts and light weight chiffon pullovers are great additions to any summer wardrobe!

– Alarna Hope, www.alarnahope.com.au

? by patrisyu

I swear by investing in cosmetic tattooing as a great way to always look fresh and fashionable in the summer months. Your eyeliner, lips and eyebrows can be tattooed from $500 and lasts up to two years.

-Rita Porcecca, Founder of Sydney Permanent Make-Up Centre,  www.spmuc.com.au
Nim-Veda Apricot Oil

Using Certified Organic Wild Himalayan Apricot Oil in your skincare regime for the numerous benefits it has, especially during the hotter and sun burning effects summer unleashes on all of our skin!
Apricot Oil is one of the best oils for the skin due to its varying benefits and aids in treating skin ailments such as itchiness, dryness and irritable skin and scabies, as well as soothing inflammation and irritation caused by eczema and dermatitis. Rich in Vitamin A and E, Apricot oil easily penetrates the skin, leaving you feeling soft and silky.

– Mituri Pradip Sharma, nimveda.com

oversized red handbag blue labels boutique

Bonus Tip:  A stylish, oversized handbag always comes in handy.  It won’t hurt to keep a few things in your arsenal in case the heat gets too R.E.A.L.  Here are a few thing to consider tossing inside:

  •   blotting papers
  • sunglasses
  • a lightweight scarf
  • body spray (perfume is too heavy)
  • hair tie
  • water bottle
  • chapstick

These can all come in handy should you find yourself in distress. Hope you enjoy a sweat free, stylish Summer ’16!  What tips would you add?

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