5 Ways to Wear and Style Your Pearl Jewelry to Rock the L.A. Events Scene

If you paid attention to the latest fashion news and the hottest runway shows, you know this year pearls made a huge comeback. From Chanel’s statement chokers in metals and pearls to the designs of Valentino, Dior, Lanvin, and others, pearls finally stepped out of the shadows and took the world by the storm. You have seen superstars rocking their pearl jewelry on the red carpet or at high-end parties before and we are not talking about Hepburn, Taylor or Grace Kelly. We talk about Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham, or Sandra Bullock, among others. What these women have in common is that they know pearls are timeless, precious, and versatile.

So, if you want to step up your game this season and rock any attire you pick for any happening you can think of, let’s see together six ways to wear and style up your pearl jewelry and be the diva on the L.A. events scene.

Multiple Pearl Jewelry

1. The New Retro Look

Retro fashion is as new as it has ever been these days. But it was more than suede, fringes, and ruffles that came back on the catwalk and in the street. Pearls made also a huge statement when being seen together with delicate black top hats, long black satin or lace gloves, complicated hair buns and bloody red lipstick. Pearls can be incorporated in any retro look featuring black pieces in sheer fabrics, vintage corsets, steampunk-inspired outfits, and Victorian-style designs. A classic white pearls necklace can take you anywhere if you incorporate it in a boudoir/ vintage seductive outfit: Lucifer Morningstar’s club parties, retro-themed events, and movie premiers, and so on.


2. The L.A. Glam Look

There is a party happening in L.A. any given hour and glam is the key-concept when you think about a fancy night out. You can style a casual outfit featuring jeans, a simple white top-tank and a fedora with a classic black pearls necklace. Learn how to buy fashionable pearl jewelry and get creative: pick pearl necklaces in aubergine or peacock overtones or in dark blue hues for novelty, originality, and absolute taste. Want to look even more dashing? Wear the necklace wrapped around your wrist as a multi-strand bracelet or mix it up with some street-style golden chains and accessories.


3. The Baroque Attire

A baroque outfit plays the retro card but goes way beyond it. Suitable for exclusive parties with a more demure and elegant tone, the baroque attire means precious fabric, intricate designs and massive jewelry pieces. And there is nothing classier than multi-strands pearls necklaces styled with brooches in precious stones or designer necklaces in filigree silver and gems. The baroque can be hard to pull off when going to a club opening, but it makes a statement of class (the royal level type) whenever you fancy to show up at a social elegant event, a charity ball or an art-related event.


4. The Breathtaking L.A. Noir

Los Angeles can be sunny, joyful, and full of life, but it can also be dark, addictive, seductive, and mysterious. If you remember Raymond Chandler’s books and you have to attend a high-end party combining high-end glam and money, then your only option is a backless hot red satin dress and a black rope pearl necklace with a simple knot complimenting your body line. This style is probably the closest one to the intoxicatingly seduction iconic divas of the 40s managed to unleash upon the world. It is a timeless combination worthy of red carpet superstars and implies more than the right dress and the right accessories: it has to come together with attitude, confidence, and the Hollywood Golden Age style.


5. The Ageless Classic Look

One of the safest and most valuable investments nowadays is the pearl choker, an all-times faithful companion which goes great with evening gowns, casual outfits, and even business attire. It doesn’t matter you attend a charity ball, a venue opening, a concert or a theatre play. Depending on the situation, you can style your white pearl choker with diamond rondels or brooches for upscale events, with metal chains for a street-smart look, with layers of faux pearls, beads and gems necklaces for a boho look. The main idea is that the pearl choker is so versatile, you can wear it however you want, wherever you party.


Keep in mind that pearls are here to stay for a while. Valuable and ageless, they can become the exact accent piece you were looking for to style a casual chic outfit for a low-key event or an upscale L.A. glam happening.

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