Men| 10 Essential Tips to Turn a Dull Outfit Unique

Sometimes, as a man, dressing up can be slightly monotonous, or even boring. The same old colors and patterns, same old dark tones and classic shirts. But not anymore. Here is a list of 10 tips on how to wear your normal day-to-day outfits, but jazz them up with a single touch.

  1. Gold

Add just one little touch of luxury to your outfit and watch as everything changes around you. Your mood and self-confidence will improve as well as reactions from your surrounding peers. You don’t need to go overboard with it and drape yourself in the precious metal, we know it can get tacky. So try a gold pocket square, a gold bracelet, a golden tie pin and, of course, a gold watch.


  1. Dots

You think men can’t wear dots and get away with it? Think again. Styled correctly, dots can be introduced into your wardrobe in small amounts. For example, when wearing a suit, accessorize it with a spotted tie. Or wear a pair of cute polka dots socks, which will slightly show from the cuff of your pants. Polka dot bow ties are a good idea as well, the same goes for neck ties.


  1. Bow ties

If you want to add a bit of old Hollywood glamour to your outfit and you don’t know how, bow ties are the key. They come in absolutely every size, color and pattern, therefore it’s impossible not to find one to your liking. Select a nice striped one, in a neon color, or, if you’re bold enough and the occasion is just right, a metallic bow tie.


  1. One of the best ways to keep it jazzed up is through

An item you most definitely need every day and one which can make the difference between boring and amazing. It doesn’t matter what type of bag you choose, be it briefcase, sporty, duffle, backpack or messenger, as long as it has what it takes to turn your look of the day into the look of the month. Say yes to mix and matching, crazy patterns and bright colors. Don’t try to match your bag to your shoes and tie too much, you don’t want to be boring and foreseeable, but creative and fun.


  1. Jewelry

Whatever you might be wearing, the right piece of jewelry will pull you out of the boring zone and into the fun, stylish one. Rings, bracelets and necklaces can turn into your best friends, if styled correctly. Casual outfits such as jeans and a t-shirt can quickly be spruced up by a series of interwoven bracelets, made of leather, fabric and metal chains. Simple necklaces, sporting arrows or anchors can also be worn quite easily over anything. Or, if you’re the bold leather-jacket type of guy, sporting rings on most of your fingers is the solution for you.


  1. Hats

Make a statement. They differ greatly in style and have always been a staple in a man’s wardrobe. So the hat you’re wearing could say a lot about you, but it can also spruce up any bland outfit. But remember, hats will drive the attention away from your outfit and towards your face, so you need to be well groomed all the time. Dry skin, chapped lips, tangled beard and unibrow will not do. An outfit, complete with a beautiful hat can be as stylish as possible, but if the guy sporting it has forgotten to wash and comb his beard in the morning, it’s doomed to fail. So make sure you applied some moisturizer, shaved or trimmed your beard and plucked those excessive nose hairs before donning the mighty hat.


  1. Paisley scarves

Not just scarves in general, but paisley scarves are guaranteed to pull you out of a crowd. Are you wearing a suit and tie and it feels a bit gray and rainy? A paisley tie will fix it. The same for a wool sweater that might, otherwise, seem boring or a classic shirt. They are not easy to wear, we admit, so to keep on the safe side, pair them off with monochrome outfits and you can’t go wrong.


  1. Don’t be afraid of bold colors

Even though your outfit might be regular or classic, that doesn’t mean that the items in it cannot be beautifully colored. So, for example, instead of wearing a black sweater, wear a turquoise one, or instead of a white shirt, wear a purple one. But, if the big pieces in bright colors might sound a bit daunting to you, then stick to the details. A bright colored green tie can do the trick, or a cookie colored pair of shoes, some crazy socks or a single stunning stripe in your black and white sweater guarantees heads turning everywhere you go.


  1. Leave your socks at home

Yes, your heard it right. We’re actually advising you to leave your socks at home and wear your shoes barefooted. It makes for a clean, fresh and breezy look, like you just stepped off a boat and going for a coffee. Needless to say your feet will need to be extremely well groomed, that means no unwanted hair, scabs or unpleasant odors.


  1. Stay under the umbrella

Or rather, stay under the interesting and colorful umbrella that will make you noticed even when wearing the blandest of outfits. It’s not really a piece of clothing or an accessory, but rather more of a necessity. However, the umbrella is a good trick to bring some color in your life. David David introduced some beautiful stripped umbrellas, as well Paul Smith, with his whirlwind of pattern and color. So sing your way in the rain with these amazing creations.


As a conclusion, you need to embrace patterns, color and creativity and understand that your personal style can be both classic and fun.


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