Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter

I’ve followed my workout routine for almost two years without any breaks. At the very beginning I was battling with myself to stay motivated. But as time passed, it became a routine in my everyday life. Find the things that motivate you! Summer is close- time for the final push! Here are my tips I’ve used to stay motivated-

1. Find idols. I follow tons of food and fitness blogs and Instagram accounts. It helps me to set goals that I want to reach and furthermore I always discovered super delicious but healthy recipes. And believe me, if you feel like you have to eat a chocolate bar right now, have a look at KaylaIza Goulart or pages like Femalemotivation and that chocolate bar will fade from your mind very quick! 

2. Track your progress. We see ourselves in mirrors daily- therefore we barely see the positive changes of our own body. What I propose are taking weekly progress photos. Stand in front of your mirror, feet together and take a photo. Preferably always in the same clothes and at the same time of the day (because of the lighting conditions) . Make sure to use the same mirror as well. Don’t be nervous- you’ll appreciate being able to compare your progress in the long run!  

3. Dress in cute sportswear. First- make sure your workout gear is comfortable and functional. And then also find workout clothing that makes you feel great! Cute matching sets or bright colors make me happy. I also like to wear sports bras so that I can see my abs. This is motivating for me to see how my stomach firms up before my eyes throughout my workout!

4. Track your performance. Since buying my Suunto sports watch I’ve barely participated in physical activity without wearing it. It’s so motivating for me to see how fast I am burning calories (e.g. 800kcal when playing badminton with my brother for only 45min). It also helps me compare my own performance. I always want to beat my personal best.

5. Hold yourself accountable. Do you want to loose weight? Gain muscle? Or achieve abs? It doesn’t matter what your specific bikini body goals are, tell as many people as possible! It helps keep you accountable!!






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