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Who is This “St. Vincent” Person You Ask?

I’m sure you’ve been hearing all about this ‘St. Vincent’ gal lately and wondering just who this person is? Well, she is not only the significant other of supermodel turned actress Cara Delevingne, but she is also a talented musician and fashion icon.


St. Vincent (Annie Clark) is an American Grammy Award winning musician. She has 4 albums under the Alternative genre, and has a wide fan base.  St. Vincent also has a innovative and eccentric sense of taste and style.  She’s always dying her hair interesting colors in fact- once dying her curly brown hair a dusty gray. Befitting to her music’s otherworldly quality. In a Harpers Bazaar post, St. Vincent is described as having  long, angular, Tim Burton–esque silhouette and moon-size eyes, thus making her an ideal embodiment of fashion’s more out-of-this-world creations. She’s quoted in saying, “I like fashion. I like structure and form and color, and all those things coalesce into wearable art,” she says. “But I’m not, like, worshipful with the cult of wealth aspirations.” Clark prides herself in her diverse taste in clothing.  “I’ve worked with stylists and worn designer clothes and had custom pieces made, which is a lot of fun. But lately I’ve been wearing this catsuit that I found when I was walking down the street in Louisville, Kentucky.  I went in and found this catsuit for $34.99, and I bought it on a lark, and it’s the best thing I ever got. It’s perfect for stage.” She laughs. “You know, my tastes are pretty catholic.”


That’s right, St. Vincent is so much more than just Cara Delevingne’s arm candy. She is unique, fun, and definitely foreshadows the future culture of the entertainment industry. Feel free to ‘Google-stalk’ away!


Whitney Sutherland

Whitney Sutherland

Whitney Sutherland currently attends FIDM Los Angeles as a Merchandise Marketing student. She’s an adventurer, a movie lover, a health nut, a fashionista, a passionate writer, and a lover of life. She is enjoying the journey ahead, and just taking life as it comes to her.

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