A new, curated, slow-fashion brand named W.Awake has hit the market with stylish, luxury pieces that will leave its wearer – Cozy and Chic – as the brand founder Sharon Wang tells us. From trench coats to cashmere sets, the new line is developed from a sister company whose Founder comes from a lineage of 30 years in the cashmere industry. This LA Fashion Magazine-approved brand has a bit to say about their time in the industry and their commitment to sustainable fashion. 

LAFM: How did you decide to develop the brand, W.Awake?

Sharon Wang: I’m from a family that has been in the cashmere industry for more than 3 decades. It was through both nature and nurture that I learned about the importance of producing garments with high-quality natural materials that are crafted to last. During my last academic year in UCLA, I founded W.Cashmere.

I regard fashion as a tool for self-discovery and empowering women. During my journey to grow W.Cashmere, I figured the creative process was the gateway to better expressing who I was, or wanted to be. In 2021, I decided to bring w.awake, W.Cashmere’s new vision of feeling comfortable in what you wear and who you are. 

LAFM: We love the W.Awake knitwear and cashmere pieces – how do you differentiate trends versus timeless pieces?

Sharon Wang: Trends may come and go but timeless design will last. We think fashion doesn’t have to be loud. When women feel comfortable with themselves, they would believe in less is more. During our creative process, we prioritize easy silhouettes ,a relaxing color palette and craftsmanship.

LAFM: Did the Work from Home movement inspire your brand?

Sharon Wang: Stay cozy, stay chic has always been our design philosophy and Work from Home movement has definitely strengthened this concept, and that’s part of the reason why we launched w.awake in 2021, a new vision of creating fashion pieces not just about cashmere but also classic pieces like a trench coat, white shirt, blazer that emphasize timeless design and effortless chic. We source natural and comfortable fabrics and meticulously craft cashmere that can provide women the ultra comfort, and make them look polished and put together.









LAFM: Can you tell us more about your commitment to sustainability?

Sharon Wang: When crafting our unique collection at w.awake, eco-friendly fabrication is always at the front of our minds. We source sustainable material such as cashmere, wool, cotton, silk, bamboo, linen, and recycled synthetics. We’ve been closely working with craftsmen from Japan to develop quality fabric that lasts longer.  We are committed to using at least 50% of natural/recycled fabrication in each of our collections.

LAFM: Who is the W.Awake customer?

Sharon Wang: w.awake women are mostly 28-45 years old, who are self-driven, confident, curious and conscious.

LAFM: Which are your favorite pieces to take from day to night?

Sharon Wang: This heavenly soft silk-cashmere-blends set is my favorite! It’s also the best-seller of the season. 

To shop the entire collection, head here, you know you want to! XoXo -The LA Fashion Magazine


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