Planning A Bridal Shower? Here’s Why You Should Go For A Fun Floral Theme

There are a lot of pre-bridal celebrations and gatherings besides the nuptials themselves. While some of these special events can be overseen by a wedding planner, you can’t help but wonder what it’s like to be the one to throw a bridal shower. Weddings are going to happen once for most people. Hence, might as well host a beautiful shower to help anticipate the bride’s status transition.

Unlike the bachelorette party, the bridal shower is a traditional way of honoring the bride-to-be, by offering her presents that’ll be practical to her, or that would help her set up their new home.

It’s an enjoyable way of gathering every woman that’s close to the bride, catch up, and build the excitement leading to the big day.

Reasons To Go For A Floral Bridal Shower Motif

If you’re the maid of honor or the bride’s sister, you ought to initiate the planning of this shower.

However, if you don’t have any experience planning a bridal event before, looking for a theme can help you eliminate the guesswork, and create a cohesive, beautiful shower.

Among all bridal shower motifs, a fun floral one can be a chic and playful way to approach the event. It’s the epitome of a classic, dreamy, and lush bridal shower theme that speaks of the romance between the couple.

Nevertheless, if you’re in doubt whether or not this will suit your bride’s taste, below are three reasons why you should definitely go for a floral bridal shower theme.

1. Convenient
A fun, floral theme is easy to play around with and make happen, especially if you already have the resources around you. For instance, if you have a garden at home, you can throw an outdoor bridal shower theme. If the guest list is small, you can have a floral-themed picnic, wine, or tea party. This is perfect, especially during spring and summer when the weather is usually warm and breezy.

An intimate gathering typically makes the entire event special and memorable. It’s a perfect way to gather the women in the bride’s life, and enjoy the present moment before all the busyness start piling around.

To load up on ideas and inspiration, you can skim and read on a floral guide, wedding shower etiquette, floral-themed mood boards, party needs, preparations, and more. Hosting an outdoor shower at home will offer you plenty of time to collect ideas, brainstorm with the bridesmaids, appoint people with responsibilities, decorate, and set up the entire space before the event.

2. Offers You The Opportunity To Dress Up Fancy
An outdoor, floral-themed bridal shower is an excellent excuse to dress up fancy, and unload your spring essentials, especially if you’re opting for an afternoon tea party. If the bride is particularly playful, she’ll totally love this idea.

You’ll surely have a wonderful time chatting over some macaroons and delicate pastries. Have a toast using your tea cups. Make sure to bring a box of tissue, especially if someone from the table starts to tear up.

If you’re going to have party games, icebreakers, and activities, inform everyone ahead to wear clothing that will make them comfortable amidst all the blast. Alternatively, you can always have ladylike games where all of you can sit and laugh out loud.

3. Gives You The Chance To Be Creative
With an array of color choices, flower options, and inspirations for a floral theme, you’ll never run out of ideas. This can be an excellent opportunity to showcase the talents of your design- inclined friends.

For example, if a certain bridesmaid has a knack for arranging flowers, ask her if she could come up with simple yet cohesive floral bouquets to decorate the entire event. In this way, you don’t need to hire a florist to select flowers and aesthetically arrange them.

Allow your friend to use the fresh blooms in your garden to accentuate the tables, and create
dreamy centerpieces. You can place these bouquets inside transparent vases, rustic boxes, or jars.
Don’t forget to integrate wonderful floral additions, such as a photo booth or floral backdrop, where guests will most likely huddle around and take photos.

Likewise, assign someone to print flowers, greeneries, and other similar pieces to decorate the invitation cards and other paper essentials for the bridal shower. This is a perfect time to bond over arts and crafts. Your friends can brainstorm on a design motif that’s still in line with the entire floral theme. Send the invitations a week before the bridal shower takes place. For the color palette, you can simply choose a scheme that would mimic the beautiful outdoors. Blush pink and blue are brilliant shades to mirror the pink peonies and the bright blue sky. This color combination is also perfect for a floral-themed bridal shower held at the beachside.

Final Thoughts

As the maid of honor, you’ll never go wrong with a floral theme. It’s an easy, elegant, yet fun way to break away from all the stress and clamor of wedding planning. Moreover, with everyone’s help, you’ll surely pull off a special shower the bride will appreciate. Ultimately, upon getting your plans come to life, make sure to have fun, and enjoy the process.


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