The Modern Youth, started by an aspiring entrepreneur, model and actor, Isaiah Windom. Windom’s journey into beauty started at the age of 15. Just like other entrepreneurs, the journey was not an easy one but it was definitely an experience inducing one. Windom didn’t have a skincare routine, surprisingly, from the start but his mother helped him ease into it. After learning how important it is to keep the skin clean and healthy, it was only the beginning.


At the age of fifteen, Windom jumped into skincare without knowing much about what it actually is. Now, at age nineteen, he has successfully launched his journey into skincare and beauty realm. Isaiah Windom started The Modern Youth to create a brand that fits the current modern society along with his passion for skincare. With a beautiful meaning behind the brand, the use of modern skincare tactics to create a youthful appearance for themselves, Windom just ran with it. By discovering other products and steps into the skincare routine, it gave more insight into the skincare industry than initially intended. 

Like most young adults, Windom had severe acne breakouts and wanted to find a solution to it. There were products that he knew could use to wash his face, but he soon discovered that there were multiple steps. Once Windom got a grapple on how to treat his acne, he began establishing routines which led to self care and his brand. The Modern Youth was nurtured alongside on his skincare journey, naturally being integrated into his daily life. It is no wonder that every thought and process that goes into The Modern Youth is filled with love and trust. Sharing the belief that skincare is unique to everyone, Windom took the same mindset and put it into his products. 

As an up and coming brand, Windom continues to try to find ways to improve The Modern Youth. From reviews from his family, friends, and customers, the products continue to steadily become a fan favorite! Based on current trends, The Modern Youth’s cleanser is the top seller. The cleanser contains eucalyptus, having healing properties but at the same time feeling amazing on the skin and getting rid of any irritation that may be caused by outside factors. Currently, they have a small stock, so make sure to grab it while you can! Even if you missed out, new products will continue to be released. As Windom sees a new vision that will boost up the beauty community, The Modern Youth will continue to rise as well! 

Currently The Modern Youth is available online at and can be found via their instagram @themodernyouthskin. Don’t miss out on their amazing products! The Modern Youth will be up there and perhaps be that household skincare item holy grail that you will need! From Acne, to breakouts, to many type of skin conditions, it will happen! The current journey may be a challenging one for Isaiah, but where there is a belief and passion, wonderful products can be the outcome.


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