GUCCI Spring Summer 2018 about ”The Act of Creation as an Act of Resistance”

Creation is a poetic act in Alessandro Michele’s vision for Spring Summer 2018 collection. It’s an eruptive process emerging from a magmatic core inhabited by urgencies, ghosts and desires. A whirl in which the stream of being thickens to deliver fresh meanings. An explosion in which vital strengths, once trapped, are finally released.

Such revolutionary act produces tectonic slides. It breaks up the encrustations of tradition; denatures what appears consolidated; produces displacements and questionings. In this sense the act of creation, as Deleuze would say, is also, and above all, an act of resistance.

The collection embodies this exercise of resistance. Each garment vibrates with an intellectual tension that resists homologation. A revolt against the fixedness and for an inalienable right to difference. As Camus asserts, the revolt challenges the existing in the name of what is missing but could be. In this regard, the challenge with the possible is at stake.

Resist, then. Resist acceleration and its obsessive panting that risks shattering life. Resist the mantra of speed that violently leads to loosing oneself. Resist the illusion of something new at any cost. There’s no simple strategy to adopt. It requires the courage to slowly linger; to stay with care; to give oneself up to a story to dig deep, with a wide and graceful breath. That is what the collection does, refusing to turn the page and stubbornly dwelling on a narration that consolidates in the beauty of the slow.

Resist, hard. The night of the world evoked by Heidegger. Resist the dark that drowns difference and the conformism that despotically annihilates a multiple becoming. Resist the all alike that sentences. Evoking, conversely, the possibility to define ourselves as irreducible singularities. As involute identities that rise against fixed categories, classifications and lethal boundaries. In this sense, what is produced is a joyful hymn to self-determination. It’s the celebration of the freedom to decide about one’s own body and life. An invitation to be yourself: the only true transgression that ensures us to get closer to happiness.

In this frame, Gucci offers a phenomenology of the dissenting spirit. A map of signs to learn to poetically live the world, going beyond its contingency and standardizing monotony. 


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