Fearless Fashion with Démodé

Fashion is ever changing, just how trends come and go in the blink of an eye, especially for Angelenos.

LA designers frequently launch new collections as the next “it brand,” so it’s exciting when a LA-based brand is created that makes you look at fashion differently, and makes you reconsider wardrobe choices from a personal perspective. Such is the case with the Démodé Collection.

Démodé was founded and created by LA-based photographer Mike Gonzalez and his partner Maya Yogev. This line has the potential to become an integral part to fashion’s future — both in LA and elsewhere. It’s a refreshing and new concept on individual style mixed with unique and vintage elements. Démodé is French for “out of fashion” which Gonzalez and Yogev created the brand to re-establish that fashion does have a personal style, which comes from a place of authenticity.


“The idea of personal style is a bit lost at the moment and with the fashion industry being so mainstream, it has really obliterated the idea of personal style,” Gonzalez says.

Démodé in its true meaning embraces what Gonzalez and Yogev say they feel about fashion in general. At the moment, “anything goes” in fashion which is fun, but at the same time, the concept has a breaking point. The market becomes oversaturated to the level where fashion can actually be “out of fashion.” This allows for a rebirth or newness of sorts and Démodé is an taking part of this rebirth.


Gonzalez and Yogev have established a specific vision for Démodé that embodies individuality. The looks are specific styles with easy, relaxed pieces, but yet still put together in an unconventional way, and remaining wearable. What woman does not desire this type of style? Therefore, the duo focuses on bringing in designer vintage pieces as well as one-of-a-kind pieces.

The inspiration for Démodé is “fearless people.” Gonzalez does feel that LA is always a great place in terms of style and that there is a sense of ease in LA, which is “just right and never too dishevelled.” Although, overall the brand is inspired by everyday people. People who are not trying to be anyone but themselves, and they in turn, are fearless with their style because they do not care what others think. Instead, “They care what they think and that’s very striking to see,” says Gonzalez.


The collection falls into three categories: Démodé, Démodé Marché and Designer Vintage. The Démodé collection also houses the line “Je Suis Demode” sweatshirts and tees — which is perfect for the casual LA vibe. Démodé Marché is the brand’s collection of new styles, that have an unique design about them while also having the ability to speak or relate to people with a different style of dress. Designer Vintage consists of unique and designer vintage pieces. This includes everything from 80s James Galanos, to a rainbow silk column gown from the late 60s. The garments in this collection are quite stunning and in excellent condition.

Both Gonzalez and Yogev love the thrill of the hunt when sourcing apparel. They scour the nation whenever possible to uncover pieces that are irreplaceable.


“I have never thought of it in that manner,” Gonzalez says, about his photography influencing his fashion. “In the imagery I create for Démodé, I make sure the editorial images are a bit fantastical and tell somewhat of a story. For the actual product images, I keep them simple and let the clothes do the storytelling.”


Gonzalez credits Yogev as a “genius stylist, and one who just effortlessly knows how to create a look that is new, unexpected and wearable all at the same time.”


This line is current, contemporary and most importantly: the collection empowers women. Démodé encourages women to feel good in their clothes and to wear items that speak to them regardless of what others think. That’s a beautiful message, and for Gonzalez and Yogev, it is one that they want to extend beyond fashion so that women are comfortable in their skin.

To see more of Demode, you can scroll thru WEB  and IG


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