The Goddess Jewelry with Sandrine Klein


Amethyst layered necklaces

Sandrine Klein is a beautiful jewelry designer and person who puts her heart into each piece that she creates. Her collection is called The Goddess Jewelry. I had the amazing opportunity to visit The Goddess Studio and it was filled with her handmade jewelry – necklaces, earrings and eclectic bracelets as well as her “signature angels wings.”

As a fashion writer, I am genuinely attracted to why designers create the works of art that they do. Sandrine is a perfect example. Yes, she designs gorgeous jewelry but she also is motivated by other factors, which makes her collection even more appealing. Klein is also passionate about the arts, children and healing through stones. I would love to say I “discovered” her on my own but we have a lovely mutual friend that adorns her pieces beautifully. From that point, I was hooked.

Layered Turquoise
Black Onyx on gold filled chain

Sandrine was born in France in 1967 to gypsy parents and she traveled numerous times before eventually settling down in Venice Beach, CA. She previously made Puerto Vallarta her home for six years. While in Mexico she started to discover the inner artist within herself through her vivid paintings. It was around this time that she discovered her true creative calling.

One-of-a-kind ~ The Goddess Studio

The Goddess Jewelry by Sandrine Klein is spiritually inspired jewelry for healing and empowerment. Every piece is designed and handmade by Sandrine Klein with love and the strong intention of using gemstones, crystals, color therapy and symbols to maximize the healing quality of each creation. Sandrine is also a certified Master Reiki – she combines the healing energy of crystals with her Reiki practice to enhance pure light, love, balance and harmony. She also conducts crystal workshops for children. Being the artist that she is; Klein takes all her loves and talents and made a career out of it.


Soft Feather Earring
Soft Feather Earring

When visiting Sandrine’s studio, I had the intention of asking just a few questions and discovered she is a wealth of knowledge.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

“As the double Pisces that I am, I can honestly say that my inspiration comes from my emotions and feelings the majority of the time. Many times I will acquire gemstones not knowing what their purpose will be but knowing about their healing energies and vibrations…. In my experience of having worked on a healing aspect, (meaning every stone connecting together will bring a certain vibration, color therapy and chakras), meanings will join the whole purpose of my work and most of the time before I have realized it myself, I have channeled different kinds of designs.”

So is the process of creation for you more important than the “fashion statement?”

“Most of my pieces are “one-of-a-kind” in the sense that they are produced from a state of emotions. Actually, it is rare when I design for a specific fashion purpose; but what is amazing is that the meaning of a certain design can be so powerful that it then can become a trend like The Goddess signature pendant or my Angel Wings. Creating has always been a natural instinct for me (whether it is in the kitchen, artwork with kids or designing) and is truly a gift from the Universe.”

How long have you been creating and designing jewelry?

“When I came to America after 7 years in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I became more interested in crystal healing and gemstones…Then I started to teach myself by looking at videos and reading books. The daily discipline is what makes you good. It has been 13 years!”

I have to ask…Do you have a favorite stone?

“Well, innately, I would say the gemstone Rose Quartz as it stands for the Master stone of LOVE. Next would be Moonstone, the stone of feminine energy, Aquamarine, my birthstone and the stone of courage and lastly, Citrine, the gemstone of personal power and abundance. However there are so much more.”

I ADORE my “Angel Wings” necklace. What does it reflect to you?

“Honestly, it came from a space where I needed to reach to my guardian Angels to remind me that by wearing them I am not alone… yet, also as a reminder that we are all angels and need to protect each other.”

Her collection is truly beautiful and with meaning. I envision many of her designs on the red carpet and more. This is the perfect time of the year to check out her site. Perfecting for the holidays and gifting.

Moonstone and Diamond Ring
Moonstone and Diamond Ring
Gorgeous Headpiece from The Goddess Studio
Gorgeous Headpiece from The Goddess Studio
Sandrine Kline
Sandrine Klein

I wear my Angel wings daily. I love how the color changes with the light. It makes sense though. Sandrine is all about light. You can see more of her collection HERE or visit her lovely facebook page 



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