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If Thomas Bartsch asked you to guess his age, you would probably assume that he wasn’t a day older than 30! At least, that’s what members of The LA Fashion Magazine believed when introduced to Thomas for the first time at an exclusive event. At the age of 51, Thomas Bartsch, VP of Marketing for MidiCi (The Neapolitan Pizza Company), is able to maintain both a youthful appearance along with an energetic mindset primarily by paying a great deal of attention to his eating regimen as well as his level of physical activity on a daily basis. Of course, we had to talk more with Thomas to get the scoop on his beauty and fitness secrets. However, Thomas Bartsch does not have an actual secret to keeping up his looks, which makes people even more envious of him.

“My routine is really basic and people get mad when I tell them that I simply use soap and water to wash my face. I also use Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer.” – Thomas Bartsch

Although Thomas does not have a life-changing secret that would provide an easy fix, his healthy lifestyle is something that he works hard for and takes pride in. Thomas was able to share a few tips as well as his own routines when it comes to working hard to achieve the body goals that people desire.

C – Thomas Bartsch


Growing up with a family that took nutrition into consideration has resulted in Thomas being knowledgable about what to eat and what not to eat from a very young age.

“I was raised by a health food fanatic and learned about nutrition at an early age. Growing up my Mother didn’t allow things like butter, oil, sugar, soft drinks or dessert. Those types of foods were only eaten on special occasions. She was way ahead of her time back in the 70’s when no one really knew about nutrition.”- Thomas Bartsch

Although Thomas still follows a similar regimen to the one in which he followed when his mother first started to teach him about nutrition, he is able to relate to the occasional cravings of junk food. Even though Thomas may give himself cheat days once in a while, he emphasizes the importance of knowing when to cut yourself off of those types of food. Thomas only eats outside of his daily regimen in moderation so that he does not fall off track.

“I have my weaknesses like everyone else when it comes to food. I love sweets, anything chocolate. With that said I am a very disciplined person and eat well most of the time.” – Thomas Bartsch

Getting more into the specifics of how to eat healthier, Thomas stated that he is a strong advocate for effective dieting routines.

“I firmly believe that diet and nutrition are critically important to the way a person looks and feels.” – Thomas Bartsch

Thomas’s dieting routine consists of staying away from processed foods along with trying his best to only eat fresh and organic foods. Thomas also eats plenty of fruits, vegetables, chicken, and fish. Another important part of Thomas’s health routine is that he stays away from foods that are made with added sugars. Staying away from these types of foods can be challenging at times due to cravings. However, Thomas recommends watching the documentary called That Sugar Film for motivation. It serves as a reminder about the reasons why staying away from processed sugars is so important. Thomas even keeps his diet plan in mind when choosing drinks. He only drinks water, soy milk, or GT’s Kombucha/Synergy, which is full of probiotics and water soluble vitamins.

 “I’ve been a big fan, and drinking GT’s Kombucha/Synergy for over 12 years. I take some supplements like vitamins and turmeric, but feel that a great diet is more important.” – Thomas Bartsch

Thomas let The LA Fashion Magazine know that he has not had any alcohol since the age of 33, which he believes has taken part in keeping him looking young. As far as how to go about putting this diet plan into action, Thomas suggests the idea of “grazing” throughout the day rather than eating a set number of large meals.

“I do not typically eat a standard breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is more like breakfast, snack, snack, snack, dinner, snack. The snacks are always high protein with some high fiber vegetables to help with digestion and limit taxing my liver too much.” – Thomas Bartsch

If you plan to try a new diet routine, Thomas suggests choosing one diet that you are comfortable with and remaining consistent with it, rather than switching from diet to diet and going from one extreme to the other.

C - Thomas Bartsch
C – Thomas Bartsch


As far as staying active and going to the gym, Thomas sticks to a routine in which he is working out 5-6 days per week. His workout routine is based primarily on weight lifting. However, when he is motivated, he will add in some cardio to his routine. His cardio exercises consist of either using the Stair Climber or Cycling. Thomas was able to share his specific routine for readers to try. However, he also noted that, as someone who swam competitively for 17 years for 5 hours each day, working out a few days a week is fairly easy for him. Therefore, it is important to try this routine at a comfortable pace, since everyone’s fitness level will vary.

Monday: Heavy weights – Chest, Triceps and Shoulders + cardio
Tuesday: Heavy weights – Back & Biceps + Abs
Wednesday: Heavy weights – Legs + cardio
Thursday: High reps – Chest and Triceps + Abs
Friday: High reps – Back & Biceps + cardio
Saturday: High reps – Legs + Abs

Thomas acknowledged that not every workout routine will be appealing to every person, so it is important to try a broad range of routines in order to find the perfect fit for you. 

“If it is something that you enjoy or are interested in, then make it a lifestyle. Know that it will take lots of discipline too!” – Thomas Bartsch

As a last piece of advice, Thomas suggests staying consistent with healthy eating, exercising frequently, staying out of the sun, and getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night if possible. However, he also stressed the importance of enjoying occasional cheat days from a diet and exercise perspective. Following Thomas Bartsch’s social media network would be a great way to get motivated by being reminded that reaching health and fitness goals is, in fact, possible!



C - Thomas Bartsch
C – Thomas Bartsch


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