October is an incredibly stylish month when it comes to fashion and I happily had the opportunity to attend the Fashion Week in LA and view the Dunyah collection.  Dunyah is the beautiful creation of Mustafa Wafa and is based in Washington DC.

The edgy line is represented by Joy Bullard, the creator of the hip showroom Style Barre. The unique collection is an edgy men’s ready to wear brand with a strong cultural energy and exclusive style. The brand is starting to make a name for itself for its dynamic and eclectic combinations of the “new” and “old” concepts giving it a unique label identity. Its one of a kind style defines a new platform and as well as pushing high-end urban wear forward.

Mustafa incorporates the best of high-end fabrics with careful precise design in order to produce a lifestyle brand for individual’s who are not afraid to express themselves. Proudly developed and manufactured in the USA, Dunyah is a diverse brand which is always looking to explore the world of fashion and its rich diversities by always offering an amazing product that will last for many seasons to come.

Photo: Robert Xavier
Photo: Robert Xavier

I had the chance to speak with Mustafa and found him inspiring, kind and creative – just like his line.

Personally I love your collection.  There is so much edgy street style in men’s wear, what do feel sets DUNYAH apart from other mainstream urban lines?

“I am the streets. From a young age I grew up in the urban culture and lifestyle. Growing up was not easy but I got a feel for what it was like to grind on a daily basis and chase my dreams. I was surrounded by a life of music and fashion. From the late 80s to the 90s I developed an understanding of what was hip and what trends I began to favor. My line is a representation of me in that way; a urban edgy man with a real history of the streets running through him, not just something you buy out of a commercial box.”

Your line has been described as a “combination of the new and the old.” Why is that?

“I like to work with classic silhouettes, resurrecting those styles that had an impact on me. Most people understand that fashion is like a revolving door, so I do it in a way that will impact my modern day client.”

Did you always know that you wanted to be a fashion designer? Was it innate or was there additional influence?

“I honestly did not know I was going to be a fashion designer, but did know I had a huge passion for fashion. I did have other influences on my journey to become a designer such as music and the opportunity to be able to travel.”

Dunyah Photo: Robert Xavier
Photo: Robert Xavier

How did you stay so motivated? You seem to have a very strong spirit with a lot of determination.

“Living out of my car was no longer an option, having barely nothing and wanting so much was my driving force. I began to dig deep and found a part of myself that I had never encountered, which gave me the strength and determination to rise.”

How would you describe the “Dunyah man”?
“Modern and edgy, but not afraid to be himself.”

Where does your inspiration derive from? I know that you mentioned the importance of reinvention and always looking for that next step.

“Currently a lot of my inspiration comes from my travels and experiences of new cultures. I appreciate what the world has to offer regarding styles, fabrics & textiles.”

Any hints regarding what is next for the DUNYAH line?
“Stay tuned and follow…big things to come!”

I really respect that part of your proceeds go to helping others in need. What does giving back mean to you and the DUNYAH line as a whole?

“People have helped me along my journey to get me where i am at, so I understand the importance of helping others. It is important to me in the near future that my brand can help change the life of those in need.”

Dunya is an inspiring line with so much more to come. Mustafa draws his creativity from life, his experiences and a strong vision. The show was a standout and I cannot wait to see what is next.

Photo: Robert Xavier
Photo: Robert Xavier
Mustafa Wafa Photo: Robert Xavier
Mustafa Wafa
Photo: Robert Xavier


Additional Credits:

Designer: Dunyah

Shoes: Vlado Footwear

Production: Art Hearts Fashion



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