10 Bold Shades of Nudes to Experiment With

Nudes are usually considered a refined touch of sophistication upon almost any outfit, and many women tend to wear the go-go beige neutral whenever the occasion they’re dressing up for strikes them as more formal. Our take on it is this: away with that pretentious stuff! Nudes are not some sober left-over clothes from your great aunt, which you put on when trying to impress your college professors and look tame and demure! On the contrary: as our guide will demonstrate, some shades of nudes are bold and sassy, sophisticated but with a touch of badass in them. Sure, nudes can be flirty and delicate and feminine (or just plainly boring), but it’s not the case of these gorgeous shades, not by far!

lilac taupe outfit on runway model


 1. Mysterious Taupe

Few colors are more matured and subtly alluring as taupe is. It’s like nudes have grown up and taken up a little bourbon habit; taupe shades always manage to be somehow dark in spite of being generally light-colored (or medium at most) on an objective color scale. There are many shades of taupe you can rock for an awesomely cool effect, from a dusty brown-taupe to a blush-inclined one or this gorgeous cold display of lilac taupe such as the one worn above. You’ll be the grown-up rock-and-roll ice princess of the gathering, especially if you combine it with silver greys.

Also, when it comes to taupe, less is not more. [In fact, we’re not so sure we believe in that so-called rule altogether: a touch of glorious excess is just the thing the inner queen in any woman needs.] Why limit the deep attraction of taupe just to your clothes when you can experiment with it for the rest of your look as well? For the most gorgeous beauty effect, try this taupe make-up idea, and if you’re feeling really bold, why not experiment with taupe-toned hair color or some taupe highlights on some of your strands?

rosy shades of nudes blush dress

2. Dusty Blush

Moving on to the realm of more perky shades of nude, blush remains an evergreen choice for a sophisticated but bright nude. If you usually don’t feel like nudes make you look your best since they tend to be so bland, then blush is surely one of your best friends! This shade will help you define and instantly beautify your features even if you’re an albino with a lifelong ban from any form of make-up. The dusty accent on the blush color makes the shade a bit more tame and classy, but without dimming its inner fire by one bit.

The top ways to wear this dusty blush shade is either in an irresistible bodycon slinky dress (since the shade is fit for any complexion, virtually anyone would look good wearing this gorgeous dress), or carefully mixed in your make-up. If the shade suits any complexion and skin tone when it comes to clothing, with make-up you should be a little more caution. You can read up on which nude blush shades to apply and wear with what in this guide here.


3. Coral Peach Nude

Another great and perkier option in our list of shades of nudes is the coral peach nude. A bit more diluted than actual corals and peaches, this nude shade maintains all the brightness and cheerfulness of the original. It’s best worn in a spring-summery clothing item, like a dress, or you can even add it to your outfit by way of a pair of fascinating earrings.


4. Rosy Grey

A marble-effect rosy grey, preferably in a cold color tone, is another awesome way to make the shades of nudes you wear more interesting. The pink tone is all this cold color needs to become porcelain-quality beautiful and feminine, without going overboard with it. It’s very suitable to jewelry (especially if you’re a fan of quartz), but you can adapt it to clothing items as well.

If you happen to find a clothing item in a dusty rose grey marl, it’s even better. We would opt for a more mysterious approach and make it a cardigan or even a hoodie instead of a more conventional blouse or dress.


lights shades of nudes very pale coat on model

5. The Palest Beige (Champagne Beige)

Usually, when hearing of yet another beige color, we’re all probably thinking ‘meh’. Beige is everywhere and it’s the go-to nude shade choice for everyone (your great-aunt included). But what if we skip the boring browns usually paraded as beige and skip to a really light, almost pastel-like beige? The effect would then be awesomely serene and luminous, the more so as the color covers more of your outfit. Case in point: the gorgeous velvety outfit in the photo above.

Also, if you’re already blonde and it wouldn’t imply a drastic look change, feel free to experiment with some champagne beige accents for your hair. It will be one of the most delicious style decisions you’ll ever make.


6. Natural Shades of Nudes: Deep Wood Accents

Futuristic heels and all over design? Check. Surprisingly natural-looking juxtaposition of materials? Check. This pair of color block wooden high-heeled sandals is the perfect example of the edgy feel wooden accents can have, but wood-like colors can be used in a wide range of style ideas. It’s one of the most versatile shades of nudes you could experiment with, gorgeous because it’s seemingly natural, but sophisticated and cool especially when used in unusual and edgy designs. A few ideas can be shoes (as seen above), a funky pair of wood-crafted earrings, or wooden bag handles.

golden beige pale champagne colored padded coat

7. Intensely Golden Beige

Another beige tone which is anything but demure and modest, but screams of partying and glamour! The only style advice for keeping this color choice classy is this: if wearing just one clothing item, you can display this shade in glitzy sequins. But if your outfit is intensely golden beige all-over, it would be better to stick to a sleek and smart satin sheen instead of noticeable chunks of glitter. The ambiguity of whether this is a day outfit or a party outfit will add to the overall charm, trust us.


rose gold bangle bracelet

8. Rose Gold

The one metallic color that goes perfectly with all shades of nudes without being boring is rose gold. It doesn’t even matter if you’re wearing actual gold or not, but a few key accents in this metallic color will bring up the best of what your nude-oriented outfits have going for them. Also, feel free to experiment with this shade in other areas besides jewelry: rose gold toned make-up, for example, has the quality of flattering any eye color and any skin shade.

milan high fashion model with bandeau dress in nude color block

9. Yellow and Rose Nude Compositions

Don’t stop at wearing single shades of nudes: go for compositions and landscape-like prints and mosaics and so on. But here’s the trick: combinations displaying just any shades of nudes tend to be as boring as most beiges and plain nudes are. The purpose of rocking some awesome and daring versions of nude colors is to go for something with a little more tang. Therefore, look for yellow and rose-based shades of nudes (like the ones going into the print above), taupe tones, peachy ones and so on. Nothing will be dim about the outfit you’ll be sporting, that’s for sure!

cold greige jacquard one-shoulder dress on model

10. Cold Greige (Grey Beige)

Ending our parade is the most sophisticated color in existence: the cold-toned greige. Greige is any mix-up of grey and beige, but it usually comes in warmer tones, not very different from a light brown, which has boring written all over it. The cold-toned greige, however, if your jackpot if you’re looking for uncommon shades of nudes which you can rock effortlessly. Wear this in a precious fabric for a glamorous effect like in the picture above, or experiment with other ways of sporting it, from your finger tips to your lips and trendy urban bags. You can’t go wrong with this stone-like gorgeous shade!

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