Put a Ring on It. Not Him, You.

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Ladies, now let’s get in formation. We need to set the record straight for all of you. You are, by far, the most brilliant beings that the Earth has been blessed with, and that’s why we men do everything in our power to treat you right. We love showering you with gifts, taking you to the hottest restaurants in town and really making you feel like the beautiful princesses you are to us. Any true gentleman will recognize and appreciate the value of a woman, regardless of any additional external factors. Nonetheless, we never underestimate your infinite potential to work your butts off, reach your ambitious goals and pay those bills, bills, bills like a boss.

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You’re a Superwoman, Really.

Obviously, you putting a ring on it instead of him is a metaphor. It’s not about feminism, it’s not about politics, it’s not about trends; it’s about you. You are confident. You are determined. You are marvelous. You’re on the grind from dawn ‘til dusk, no matter if you’re working your way through college, trying to make it in a big city or struggling to juggle a family and your career. We know that you don’t depend on our tokens of appreciation to feel like a woman. Above all, you appreciate yourself because you know how much effort you put into making all the pieces of the puzzle delicately fall into place.

It’s high time you realize how valuable you really are. Take a small break from work, get yourself a good cup of coffee and focus on yourself for a few minutes. Treat yourself to the gifts you deserve and worked so hard for.

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Dress to Impress Yourself

You probably have reached that point in life when shopping for yourself has been narrowed down to flicking through fashion magazines and sighing nostalgically or clicking a few items in online stores without checking out. You dream about those pumps, that designer handbag or that sexy leather jacket you can’t live without.

Somehow, sometime along the way, you went from impulse shopping to window shopping, without even knowing it. You’re not even sure what the reason is, but you just got lost in taking care of everything and forgot about the little things that made you happy. It was never about having the most expensive garments on the block or sliding into a material girl mindset, but only the mere fact that you were doing something for you. You dressed to impress nobody else but yourself.

When you look in the mirror before you leave the house for work, you need to feel like a million dollars. The standards are different for everyone, but if you’re dressed and pampered in a way that makes your heart shine, you’ll get that extra boost of confidence to help you get through the day. We already know how gorgeous you are in every minute of the day, but we also know that sometimes you don’t feel the same about yourselves. A woman’s confidence is crucial; find those personal details that will enhance your self-esteem.

woman with pearls

The Icing on the Cake

Speaking of details, you know what can really make you feel like a million bucks on the spot? Your favorite jewelry. No matter if you want to get an affordable statement necklace or a luxurious string of pearls, you should never hesitate when it comes to fulfilling desires like these. We all know that accessories are far from being necessities, but there’s something special about offering yourself a piece of jewelry that will bring a genuine smile to your face. The possibilities are limitless; you just have to find the right ring, bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings that will accurately reflect your personality and complement your stunning features. When you get back to basics, it’s not even about what jewel or accessory you chose; you need to feel like a queen when rocking it.

Unfortunately, here’s where guilt trips usually kick in. Priorities, lack of time, your conscience… the list can go on forever. But if you look at the big picture, these are all just excuses you’re giving to yourself. What’s really stopping you from getting that spectacular necklace you’ve been dying for? Nothing. You already know that it fits into your budget and that it’s more than just a fleeting whim. You need to scratch the “guilty” out of “guilty pleasures” and realize that you are worth every cent you invest in yourself, on physical, emotional and spiritual levels alike.

If you peel away the obvious layers, you’ll see that it all comes down to a symbol. You’re putting that “ring” on yourself because you know your worth.

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The Aftermath

After you’re all dressed up and iced out like you’ve always dreamed of, it’s time to fill in the remaining blanks. When was the last time you went to the spa and got a full body massage? How about a complete beauty pack with hair and nails included at the salon? Your all-time favorite cafe for curling up with a good book and a steaming cup of tea? Yep, these got forgotten along the way too. Perhaps you got caught up in work, family and practically everything else that always seemed to be more important. But how can you deliver 100% when you’re not 100% fulfilled inside?

Even if your R&R don’t reside in salons or spas, at least consider taking a long walk in your most beloved park. If you’re in the mood for adventure, go and buy a train ticket to the first destination you see on their timetable. Grab your girlfriends and go to that stand-up comedy show you’ve been putting aside for ages. In the end, those who love and support you will encourage you to find your inner balance and confidence, have fun and discover that perfect food for your soul.

Now it’s your turn – get that “ring” that will make your heart sing.

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