Stylist, Ty Hunter, Releases the Ty-Lite LED Light Cell Phone Case

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Stylist and designer, Ty Hunter, has recently launched his fabulous new product, the Ty-Lite, in conjunction with his brand Passion+Projects.  The Ty-Lite is a unique cell phone case that features LED lighting that comes in three settings to help you get the most perfectly lit selfies in any environment.  Ty took a minute to chat with The L.A. Fashion about this new product and how the #TyLiteTakeover is starting to become a movement.

 Where did the idea for the Ty-Lite come from?

Social media was a big influence in the creation of this product.  I was in Miami with a business partner, and we started taking pictures, but there was no daylight at the time, and light is so important for taking great photos.  So the idea was born there.  I launched my clothing line a couple years ago with passion,  in conjunction with ServedFresh, and you’ll notice that I use 4 exclamation points and the color yellow in all of my branding.  Essentially, the Ty-Lite is an extension of my brand.  Also, I didn’t just want to make any regular phone case, I wanted to make sure it was a protective case while still providing the right light for any environment.  It has 3 light settings, and all three can be adjusted and dimmed accordingly.  You’ll definitely find the right light wherever you are. 


Prior to this, were you ever interested in gadgets or tech items? 

Not necessarily, but if you think about today’s world, technically we all are.  Everyone has a cell phone, and apps and gadgets are a just a part of everyday life these days. I have a TyHunterEmoji pack that is available for free on the app store, and that kind of, and that kind of pushed me into the app world and gadgets by accident.  I do everything through my phone.  I wanted to create a product that was functional beyond just selfies too.  I have had people that tell me they use it to put on makeup or as a flashlight in dark places.

How does it feel to have support from so many celebrities/friends?

I wake up every day and it feels like Christmas.  I don’t ask people to post things, and I don’t pay anybody to post things either.  They’re genuinely being supportive and have actually bought the Ty-Lite.  I put out positive energy, and I like to see that come back to me.  Things have happened organically and the support is authentic.  It’s great to see how much love has come back to me.

How was Ty-Lite Launch event during NYFW?

It was so great.  It was bigger than I expected.  I always dream big, but I was a little anxious because the event was during NYFW, the climate was very cold that night, and it was also NBA All-Star weekend.  My venue was also pretty far away from where the booming fashion events were all happening that week, but we still had a great turnout.  Lots of press and friends came through to support during this three-day event. 

What’s next for the Ty-Lite and for the Ty Hunter brand?

I do have new products coming out, and I’m looking forward to sharing that with everyone in the future.  By the end of Spring 2016, there will be a Ty-Lite case for almost every phone and in a variety of colors and models.  I’ll also be adding pieces to my clothing line and making a few TV appearances.  Generally, I’m expanding the Ty Hunter brand this year and I’m very excited.

Ty Hunter & Associate Editor, Joshua Pinkay (Photographer: Maquis Scott)
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