A Men’s Guide to Layering Clothes

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Making creative fashion choices not only helps you to look great and stand out from the crowd, a well put together outfit can also boost your mood and confidence. One great way to level up your outfit is layering different clothes, this is both practical in unpredictable weather and stylish.


Let’s take a look at some of the top do’s and don’ts that men need to consider when layering clothes and explore some effortlessly stylish choices you can make:


The Do’s and Don’ts of Layering

  • Don’t be afraid to mix and max different textures

Too much of one fabric can look a bit plain, why not try a leather jacket with a denim shirt? If it’s winter, then a wool scarf or hat will add an extra dimension to the outfit and keep you warm.

  • Do consider prints and patterns carefully

While clashing prints can be a bold and brilliant look, it can be difficult to get this right. More than two different prints is usually not a good option. You might want to combine a print or patterned clothing item with plain items for a more sophisticated look.

  • Do keep the layers simple on the bottom half when layering on top

If you’re layering a few items on top, such as a top with shirt and a jacket or coat, keep the outfit balanced with shorts or jean pants below. This will help to balance out proportions and avoid the outfit looking overdone.


Essential Wardrobe Items for a Layered Look

Here are a few wardrobe staple items you will need:

An Attention-grabbing Coat

The top layer of your outfit is obviously going to be the part that is most visible and will shape the entire look. That is why it is a good idea to have a few different coats and jackets to hand that you can switch out to suit the weather, occasion, and style you are going for.

For a bold daytime look to wear when you are out and about, have a look online for bubble coats for men. These coats come in bright colors and cool graphic designs, you will even find some with detachable hoods, zipper pockets and embroidered logos.

Hooded jackets and graphic t-shirts will look great under a puffer or bubble coat.

For a smarter look, ideal for evening events and upscale restaurants, a trench coat can be layered on top of a shirt, knit jumper or t-shirt. These come in lighter or heavier fabrics that are optimal for different seasons.

A Denim Shirt

A denim shirt is a key item for anyone that likes to layer their clothing. You can button this up and wear it alone or keep it open and pair it with a t-shirt underneath.

For a daring outfit choice, you might wish to wear multiple denim items at the same time, such as a denim shirt and denim jeans.

A Plaid Shirt

A plaid shirt can be worn in many different outfit styles, just like the denim shirt, it can be buttoned up or worn open with a t-shirt underneath. You can also layer a knit jumper on top to create a more interesting and warmer outfit.

Basic T-Shirts

A few basic t-shirts in a range of colors, including white and black, are useless to have. These will form the base layer of many of your layered outfits. 


Lastly, accessories are an easy way to dress up an outfit or take it from day to night. Chain necklaces, sunglasses, scarfs, caps, and belts are all useful accessories to have in your collection.



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