Create your own Bouquet with Spring Flowers!

Spring is here and everywhere you go, there are beautiful flowers. From watching scenic beautiful pink cherry blossoms, to the beautiful pansy flowers on the sidewalk, the amount of beautiful flowers that bloom in the Spring are endless. Wherever you go, whatever occasion you go to, you can always use flowers to celebrate. However, let’s not take flowers for granted, and use the flowers to their full potential. What is amazing about flowers is that they can be combined together to form a beautiful bouquet. 

5You can essentially get flowers everywhere, from supporting your local plant business to perhaps Trader Joe’s. The selection of flowers are endless. But before we start to talk about arranging flowers, we have to first understand how it works. Choosing colors of the flowers that fit together, and we can go from there. 

We get it, choosing flowers that pair well together in a bouquet can be hard. Why not start from choosing flowers of the same color? The classic roses, choosing a mix of the different color roses can make a beautiful romantic bouquet. Roses come in so many different colors that you can pair them by itself. Perhaps mixing a darker color with a light color to mimic the nature contrast of light and dark. Another basic but whimsical pairing is combining Peonies and Daisies together. The delicate petals of peonies compared to the bright yellow center of daisies give it a soft yet alluring touch to your bouquet. It is a matter of trial and error and then ultimately how you like the flowers to look like. Add a little of your own style and run from there! 

Now that you have your flowers chosen, here are some tips for creating your bouquet. 

  1. Start by laying out all your stems on a flat surface so you can see what you are working with. Combining a mix of the larger blooming flowers such as roses, and smaller “filler” stems like carnations or freesia, putting them next to each other. 
  2. Putting the stems and flower petals together,  moving the flowers around to bring your picture together. Some stems may be longer than the others, tall and short, for both the filler and face buds. Cut your stems to your fitting, but think about it because once you cut it too short, can’t cut it any more shorter. 
  3. It’s all about asymmetrical balance.  It’s okay if the right side has more blooming flowers than the left. Just as long as when wrapped together, it becomes to your liking. You can actually change the shape of some flowers by gently manipulating them. For example, but slowly twisting the roses upside down, your roses can become in more “fuller bloom.”

And that is it, creating a flower bouquet is a lot easier than you think. There is no wrong or right way to create the bouquet for you. It’s all about how you feel, once you start, just continue until you think is right. All flowers are beautiful, together and separate, so whatever the finished bouquet will be, we are sure that it will be amazing.  


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